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In New Orleans. They're getting ready for the start of mardi gras on Sunday. A number of events are planned for the first day of mardi gras such as a parade through the French quarter honoring Joan of arc January six marks the day. The bible says the three wise men reached the baby Jesus for weeks. The city has taken over by elaborate, parades and people gorging on sugary king cake towns and cities in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama also host their own grades in events last day of mardi gras season is fat Tuesday, which this year falls on March fifth. I'm Julie Walker. The national society of film critics is chosen khloe Zhao's low budget debut feature the writer as the best picture of two thousand eighteen the society of leaving leading movie critics voted for Livia Coleman as best actress in the favourite and Ethan Hawke as best actor in first reformed. Breaking news and analysis at townhall dot com. Small business issues often win bipartisan support on Capitol Hill, but given the divisions in the incoming one hundred sixteenth congress advocates for compete for companies have low expectations even after lawmakers deal with a partial government shutdown democratic house, a Republican Senate and ongoing investigations of the Trump White House in campaign are expected to be obstacles too much small business related work getting done. John Aaron's Mayer CEO, a small business majority says company owners may see more movement in their states errands Myers. Says governors are quote more aggressive than anyone in helping small business issues that small business advocates expect to be on government agendas in two thousand nineteen include healthcare taxes, employment issues infrastructure, internet privacy and paid leave. Jeremy house reporting Harold Brown Defense Secretary during the.

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