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Not regarding the eligibility of James Wiseman yesterday wise men withdrew his lawsuit against the NCAA and the university of Memphis over his eligibility don't forget university Memphis was named as a defendant in that lawsuit after he withdrew the lawsuit universe Mephisto said a statement said they have declared Weissman quote in eligible for competition and will immediately apply for his reinstatement and the pending that notification James will be withheld from competition but we'll continue to practice with the team the NCA a is fully aware of the unique nature challenges in this particular case the university's confident yeah trusting in check that the NCA will render a fair and equitable decision consistent with its mission what is the NCAA's mission anyway so his attorneys James rises attorneys issued a state mistakes quotes become clear to Mister wise with the lawsuit he filed last week has become an impediment to the university of Memphis in its efforts to reach a fair and equitable resolution with the NCAA concerning his eligibility status there for Mister Weitzman advised his legal team that he wished to withdraw his lawsuit therefore no comment no there will be no further comment at this time so get to thirty today away has a statement that is not a press conference to this after noon perhaps there's already a settlement maybe it's imminent maybe that's what's going on I just don't see James Weissman university of this plan fast and loose with his career there they've got to have something worked out I would I would think that there has been a lot of hard work trying to get this taken care of quickly other news this morning how about this not that fight on Thursday night football just say that the end of the Browns Steelers game miles Gerrit ripped off the quarterbacks helmet for Pittsburgh not Roethlisberger it's the other guy Mason Rudolph and hit.

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