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So let us know what's happening. There are reports this afternoon that multiple shots have been fired at Mayfair Mall. Multiple people. The reports are have been shot at Mayfair Mall. We're looking at live pictures coming into our newsroom, and it appears that a lot of the law enforcement is going into the Macy's entrance. To Mayfair Mall. We see ambulances, multiple squad cars from multiple different jurisdictions, fire trucks and reports of multiple victims inside the mall. And the parking lot looks fairly full, too. We were discussing that earlier. Just how many people were at the mall this afternoon on a Friday and a beautiful fall Friday afternoon, and there are a lot of cars still in that parking lot. And you know, a lot of people have already left or we're trying. You know, they're trying to get some folks out of the mall, and then they have them leave the property. So clearly a busy day at the mall today, one thing that's somewhat unique about Mayfair's. You have a lot of stores that are not attached to the mall that are in that area. You have Crayton barrel You have the container store. There's a cheesecake factory that's separate. So you wonder what is going on in those buildings? If the shooting, in fact took place inside the actual mall itself, so trying to get my bearings here, we're looking at live video coming in. Here's the police presence. If you know where Macy's is Macy's has two sides that really the publican access. There's a side that faces West. In aside that faces north, the police presence. It looks like his primarily on that side of Macy's that faces west that faces towards Mayfair Road. What do you see? In the act of mortgage talking text lines 85561616 28 5561616 20. If you can get to us, please let us know. What you're seeing. I'm gonna share a couple of these texts with you. In the 414 just two more ambulances head it's afraid. ERT sirens on. Another text can't confirm that. I'm not going to read that. Three schools on center. In addition to Whitman that we talked about, so let me know when you guys three schools in that area. It appears maybe they're all Unlocked down at this 0.85561616 20. If you can get to us and let us know what's happening, and this is going to be a long process, even if the active situation is over, and we do not know that at this point, whether or not this is still an active scene, obviously, clearly there is a huge police presence. At that mall. But as of now, I mean, we're seeing folks still going in there. Still, we are still seeing law enforcement going into the mall. So as they go through this process, they're going to be very deliberate. They need to go to every store. Whether there's Customers in their store employees in their suspects involved in this in there, so it's going to be a this is going to take a long time. If you're in the mall if you're near the mall. Be patient. Just please be patient. Don't get frustrated, knowing how much activity is taking place there. I mean, the roads around that area are shut down, and they are not going to open up any time soon. And we're looking at live pictures coming into our newsroom and there are still Officers were in green military style tactical gear heading into the mall. Different units, Boy, the parking lot has been over taken. We do hope to hear from officials coming up here sometime relatively soon. George. Good afternoon. You're with us on WTMJ. Tell us of where you were when this happened. We were in the lower level of Macy's employees came up and told all to get out with you hear any shooting? All we did was exit. The store is quickly as we could. There were police already there when we got outside. So you were We amazes way? Yes. We heard no shooting. We were in the downstairs the level where the shooting apparently took place, and employees came aboard all to get out. Without hesitation, and we all just left and ran out. Was in a panic or people sprinting out was an orderly where there are a lot of people it was. It was kind of orderly because you know you told that were you know you don't know where to run where to go. So we sort of follow people to make sure we were leaving it right Activists. So not people didn't know where to really go. But they sort of balance each other out the door, so we got out. But we didn't hear any shooting. Always. It was scared of morning from an employee toe fall. Get out, So we did. Hey, George, stay with me for a second. I want to talk through this picture that we're seeing now, someone being wheeled out of Mayfair Mall and into an ambulance. They are alert. They're on an ambulance Gurney being put into the ambulance. I should mention this to this couldn't be considered breaking news from the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner. Whenever the medical examiner is involved, that means of fatality. The Me's office just seconds ago, is tweeting that that is not responding to Mayfair Mall. It is not responding to Mayfair Mall. However, the medical examiner is responding to a homicide of an adult male. Near 48th and Hampton, which is not near Mayfair Mall. The one thing to point out though that's great news, because as of now that means that they're not responding to any fatalities at the mall. Hopefully it stays that way. But as of now, the medical examiner not going to Mayfair. Hey, George. What? What does that do to your psyche? When.

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