'The Bachelor': The Women Blow Up on Peter for Bringing Back Alayah

Pardon My Take


Pete took Victoria F on a one on one date to a surprise chase. Rice concert turns out Victoria. F Dated Chase Rice before four. Coming on yes I mean our guy chase is like Charles Woodson back in the day like you know two thirds of the world's covered by water one-third by Charles Els Woodson Chase Rice is dated two-thirds a world so I'm two-thirds of the world's covered by water the other third is by chases ropes. Yes let's keep it classy. He's a lover his season. He no he is his vocal inflections. Yes is come. He's just a good dude. P Then took the woman on a group date to the Cleveland Browns stadium where there was traumatic place on pickers house. They played a game of tackle football coach by Josh cribs and Hanford Dixon. Also also I guess on the show when Chris was saying like all right. We're going to Cleveland and usually that's where all the girls like. It was just like everyone who's just blank face. WE'RE GOING TO CLEVELAND. And they're all just like oh I love when they do that. So that's an old real world trick when they were like and your trip is Argentina. And then when you're going to Yugoslavia of Lia ship and then Eliah whoever you guys remember got sent over love you assault was your map from nineteen eighty seven. It was not Yugoslav anymore shows now respect Croatia Vania. I actually did that on purpose so that I wasn't offending occurrence country. Okay didn't want to get cancelled. Elias shows back up and ask him out of fashion that lived in Yugoslavia. You guys are missing. The most part Alaya showed up. She got home last week so she's not on. The show actually had death squads that that executed people that were fighting against Nazis. So this is kind of a pattern for you in today's episode absorb get Alaya. Who got sent home last week? Shows back up and ask Peter to let her come back in and he did The other girls. That are pissed at Pete Heat and some threatened to leave so is this an empty threat or they actually goal-bound. I don't know this is like a union situation. The the rest are unionizing. Potentially that's that's what it sounds like. Well I mean the whole show is about roses so they're probably LDS say true. I don't get that joke but I I get I bet you it was a good one. Yeah you've probably really noticing roses on twitter. The twitter now. You actually haven't God that's it. Okay great I mean. That's the worst last. But that's a pretty every clip number. What happened Eliah

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