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Matt piper. The carpets being rolled out by President Trump to congressional leaders in the afternoon. It's the talk funding. And the fact we're now at day twelve of a government shutdown. Correspondent Steven Portnoy session is being described by one source as a briefing on border security for the top Republicans and Democrats in the house and Senate. It would Mark the first face-to-face meeting between the president and the key congressional Democrats in three weeks, Mr. Trump invited eight democratic and Republican leaders the potential progress comes as the Smithsonian museum and the national zoo close Wednesday, the latest casualties of the shutdown CBS's chip Reid. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees will continue to work without pay the largest federal employees union is suing the government arguing that forcing employees to work without being paid violates federal law U S Customs and border protection says tear gas was used to target rock. Throwers apart from migrants who were trying to cross the border from Tijuana over New Year's Wendy, fry with the San Diego union Tribune tells us what happened. I heard from customs and border protection that day saw individuals holding their toddlers and trying to pass their toddlers over the feds say something that we've seen photos of people trying to do in the past where they're trying to hand their child to somebody. That's already climbed over on the other side that they said that they were doing that last night. And it was very dangerous. Authorities say about one hundred fifty migrants tried to breach the border the family of a US marine being held in Moscow. Is speaking up. He was there over the holidays to attend a wedding when he suddenly disappeared. My brother's not a spy. That's what David Whelan is saying it's inconceivable to all of us that he could be considered a spy his brother, Paul Whalen detained by Russian authorities. They label him a spies five or six days later. We still don't know what condition. He's in. He's in the core. Any real rational for why this happened Asia's the families in the dark about what's going on? Jim Taylor CBS news. A lot of people were hoping to wake up millionaires. I twenty nine hundred bringing with bang. It was an estimated four hundred twenty five million dollar jackpot. Twenty.

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