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The whole, the whole way, white was going to change because that was pretty dominating, you know, my first year very and I were up there. We were over 300 shows. Three hundred days, and a lot of times we know those shots, you know, on the weekends, so I have no clue how many matches we put in. TVs do three or four matches. So yeah, it changed a lot, you know? And but you know, it was a very exciting time because, you know, you wanted to be on Hogan's show, that for sure, because when you went to a building, no matter what size it was, it was sold out. So what you were saying just so people understand is you were getting paid a percentage of the gate. So if you're on holt's show, you're selling out the garden with 50,000 people. It's better than being on the broader show of Syracuse in front of 2000, for example. So, you know, and that's the way it worked. I mean, if you had to run over, you were going to make some serious money. And but Barry and I worked with she can volkoff, which is really interesting. Trust me. Because I remember one time we went to Boston, we were in Buffalo and they put Don Morocco, know it was down Morocco was down the heel team with Nikolai and we have George Steele as a partner. And Morocco and we're waiting to go out and we look up in the ring, the Sheik is doing his debt, Nicola ice singing the national anthem in Russian. Here comes about 50 raw eggs. That whole ring is covered in Asian smells and yolks and so they basically just took one of those big broom. Sweeping this stuff out to the floor in our music here. And we come back and Rocco told the age and I think was stronger on the show, chief Jay strongbow. Whoo. He said, if I got to work with those guys, I want hazard pay. Well, yeah, we had a lot of fun. It was interesting when she rolled pops, so I'm sure just trying to listen to them speak English. I got boy stories with that guy and, you know, he's coming down bad. How are you general person to go on the road? I don't know who this is. The cost of banks, Chris, everybody. And I got that shot to Jake earlier two or 2000 people. No, but of course it's the bus that will live in for me. Me and the sheep and the Pearl Harbor. The biggest shame for me from coming out of mid south territory, which we don't work a lot in mid solid, but you drive like 3000 miles a week was it a lot of driving, but you would know the towns. You come up to New York, the WWF, they give you a stack of tickets and say, oh, be at the LA arena 6 o'clock. It'll be in Boston at 6 o'clock, and I'm thinking, how do you get there? I could never get to a drive by at this point. Thank you very good there, no. I would be mad, but that was a big transition to come and find buildings like that. But also as you were talking to WWF, it was before contracts. If you didn't wrestle, you didn't get paid to be wrestled you got paid and showed you were part of an angle. You wanted to work as much as you could. For sure. Well, and that's the thing too. I think when you guys are talking about 300 days a year, that's not exaggeration.

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