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This is going to be a battle in the courts and it's just a look I think that trump is making a political error here of potentially significant proportions. People support making it possible for them to vote. People support by very high margins both Democrats and Republicans and independents early voting and opportunity. Vote by mail seventy eighty percent and all the polls. The Brennan Center did a poll the been several by news organizations in the last few weeks and I think that anger over the idea that in Wisconsin the Republicans were trying to make it hard for people to vote is part of what drove the turnout in that state to be as high as it was. People want to vote and they get mad when you try to take that right away and I think that sooner or later I'm hoping anyway that some of the politicians on the right we'll see that but that is the dynamic it's not even concerned about contracting virus. You see what the long lines are like if people have jobs where their employers don't give them the day off or you can't get childcare. Whatever other problems you have. It's an option that doesn't seem to be better or worse whether you're Democrat or republican system matter of convenience and now this year for the first time in a very serious way the matter of personal safety and health to for me one of one of the defining images of this whole fight right now is on election day. Primary Day in Wisconsin. The speaker of the Wisconsin House and remember the Republicans control the legislature in Wisconsin because of ruthless gerrymandering. Not Because of the way people are actually voting sort of a perpetual motion. Machine here But the speaker who.

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