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Do not so there are likely changes coming there to the fact that you have a very traditional telecom company and a high flying hollywood oriented content company and how do you merge those cultures that is something that john stanky the new head of the eighteen content group is going to have to deal with and he's doing open houses and town halls at these companies to essentially try to figure out how to make this work but the more interesting question is what's going to happen to the fox assets this really is a war between disney and comcast brian roberts at comcast bob eiger disney do not like each other they have been longtime rivals they are now fighting over these highly desirable assets and one analyst thinks that this bidding war could go up to eighty billion dollars for these assets yeah you know and i sort of have to watch and think say to myself how is all of this going to work going back to at and t time warner two hugely different cultures huge problems of weight expensive problems of course people will lose their jobs and that's going to be a problem for a lot of people in hollywood and in the industry but there are problems of melding these cultures and sometimes these things go horribly awry i mean who can forget when aol and time warner merged before it was a to buckle of epic proportions and we're in a time where technology's changing all the time we're streaming is now a thing but it wasn't a couple of years ago anywhere near what it is now so i feel like he's just huge risks with these big behemoth companies trying to integrate really different cultures so i guess what i'm saying is when you win are you really winning or are you bringing about problems i mean they all think they can't survive if they don't get bigger i guess what i'm saying is can you survive if you do get bigger well that's the question and i think that the feeling at these companies is they don't have a choice the rise of digital outlets like facebook amazon google netflix for certain extent they have completely changed the game and have grown to a scale that the entertainment companies are just not able to compete with so they feel like they have to but you know there is an example of a merger very similar to the eighteen thousand time warner merger the comcast nbc universal merger from eight years ago that actually most people think has gone pretty well the content assets were merged into this company that had a very very different culture comcast is ultra conservative and nbc universal has all the cable networks and the broadcast network and the hollywood film studio and most people believe that the net result of that has been additive to all the businesses there can't be replicated with at and t and time warner don't know but at this point of view are in the executive suite of one of these companies you have to try yeah when you have to i think understands this is a creative business and i don't think we just see this with the traditional cable company ray t and t buying time warner or or the nbc universal assets as they did i think even the silicon valley originated companies the digital companies have come in this is a specific culture in hollywood and you do have to loosen the reigns to let creative people be creative if you lean too hard on that you're going to have problems i think netflix has found the talent needs to be treated a certain way it's small things like calling a show runner or a star after their show premiers seems to have done well and gotten good reviews just the the niceties of doing business have to be observed and they larger issues of creative freedom i mean you see a company like comcast superconservative and their studio is releasing the fifty shades of grey trilogy which a lot of people might have thought well how are they going to.

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