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A beautiful quality house and the that many schubert albums with fourteen piano that i've seen true. It's true is a distinction of emily. Others air is one more question for us. It appears that people are speaking to you in your ear sometimes in the video in the social What did you call it. So you call it a social experiment that's what of was thank you Do you remember any of the kinds of things they said to you in that video specifically just in general. Well i remember this one lady. This one lady will never leave me. And this isn't like a great source all due to stories really quick. Because i know we're probably running out of time but one lady took my hand and i i'm pretty sure she was an older lady. This was in chicago and took my hand and she just wants to. She said. I just wanna to let you know that whether you stay or are forced to leave this country. That's god's will and you have to put your faith in god and know that god will take care of you no matter what is in store for you on this planet and i was like go of hand. I don't like this when the on site. What's i if you'd like zeus. I don't know which the his thunderbolts down for. Mount olympus me So that was one thing. But i i remember. There's actually one woman in the video as it turns out a friend of mine knew her and years later when i met friend of mine who then learned about the video she said. Oh my god. This girl is one of my best friends and she was there and i remember her saying. I've been watching you for two hours. And i'm so moved by what you're doing and thank you so i remember. I remember that unbeknownst to me that people actually watched me for a very long time which was cool and strange all at once. I guess moving go. It's one of those things about being performing artists. It's you know. Sometimes you can see your impact but a lot of times you just don't know what effect of what you've done is and it's really wonderful Comes back to you well. And that's the thing that i've always said about what we do like the thing. That's super important to me. Is that i believe very strongly in the butterfly effect and this this idea that like the butterfly flaps that swings and thousands of miles away the storm starts and. I think that we do that with our like. Somebody's having a bad day. They come to the concert hall. We don't know how their lives than change after that but maybe they go by the music or maybe they just feel better and that just puts this good stuff in motion into the world. I'm super into that idea in art making or you're absolutely right. I mean people. Don't think about that enough but you know action causes change and what causes at in ideas. Ideas can come from art so depending on who. You're singing to who you're talking to. On a certain day you can change their entire that higher trajectory of their lives..

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