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Year. But like why are you thinking so much about de Ford Right A- and and they play the same position they trade Ford all things that if you want to say this. That's fine about Frank Clark. I don't even. I didn't play with this dude. They do all the chiefs from this. Mistakes were made has something to say about it. That would be one thing. I don't even know if he's ever met the guy coming up for you. All right coming up next. The titans gave Bill O'Brien more power. They weren't that game the playoffs. All right Sierra air can in highschool where companies daughters attended. There is Kobe. Bryant and other big helicopter crash broaden your press this time yeah I gotta Say I am way more breast here then end. The donkey did now. What feels like one hundred years ago when he was just fourteen years old yes when he was just fourteen years old? You're at this high standard for ducks. I'm glad that finally drew into what you I need. Absolutely I could've used more like herald footage though that guy some three Chinese you somewhere around there. He supposedly good S- teammates heralds. I you quote all of the texts seriously. Only the Texans Brian Brian Teeth Richard the Houston Chronicle after the Texas gave Bill. O'Brien the title of General Manager. Yesterday problems are the Texas making a mistake. Give O'Brien more power. Yes but this is the bed they've made. This is the bet they had made already now. They're just officially lying in it and it is stunning to see bill. O'Brien get the official title after a postseason in which no one felt good about watching bill. Brian Coach textile. This is bad business for the organization because do not really popular around the city right now especially now the way that he ended and then you come around and say we're going to give him more power like my understanding. This is basically been one dude who has managed to elbow out everybody who oppose them into looked looked at a power vacuum with the ownership situation where the owner is gone. And everything else and now the dude in charge is the dude who needs somebody to be charging him more than anybody else. Because look they're gonNA have to pay deshaun Watson forty million dollars years their quarterback. You're going to have to figure out a way to resign. Laremy Tunsil after I gave up all draft capital for them. And they're gonNA have to figure out a way to put a team around all of those big expenditures. That's something that requires a really good general manager. They just got a general manager. Wayne even really good coach. This loss of Dante Scar. Nekia is just as big as the loss of Rob Gronkowski. Last season said Dan Orlovsky on get up this morning about the Patriots Patriots Offensive Line coach retiring Nekia.

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