Ravens to sit Lamar, other starters vs. Steelers?


A stupid here we go from yesterday thirty nine just to sell checks in with pressure coming Jack to party down to see so you go Willmar doing it again of course now the big question gentleman yes the debate roles sure the ravens who have procured and secured hold build advance for the entire AFC playoffs and did good and obviously they won their division they play the Steelers next week do they play Lamar and mark Ingram or not in fact you play your starters not because if they don't then you have an open week and he doesn't play for three weeks essentially before the playoffs resume you played sparingly what you do is you blame sparingly you do like the pre season you get like the first five ten snaps and maybe intermittently as need be in them I'd say Lamar don't run well I mean easy you just plain sparingly apartment there's literally nothing to play for this last week for the radish wonder if it's hard to knock off right for for the Steelers weight was rose I think still isn't running still I thought they were still in the running with with Tennessee for the final wild card spot is that why don't they get that by the fact though if Tennessee loses to Houston yep yeah my heart so so they are playing for something I mean right now it's looking like it's gonna be the ravens in the saints in the Super Bowl and wrestling catastrophic happened the other cabbie out to this the question comes in Lamar is right now the leading vote getter probably to win the MVP should he take a day off that may not be that he still can't have repeated it all right one what a acted with malice he still get me of knowledge because I didn't the year that Peyton manning wanted didn't he what he in that same situation and didn't he basically fell in week seventeen and nobody batted an eye at it right now you're looking at right now you're super bowls going to be the ravens in the saints unless something crazy goes off the rails and so one of those are you know you're not impressed by the forty Niners beating the saints down in the the doll now now it's forty nine were right in the same tune I watch I watch the saints in Titans yesterday in that same theme is the real deal I mean you got you got drew Brees breaking records all over the place what's his name the cat they just broke the receiving record he broke up Harriman's record you know is this the saints are clicking on all cylinders right now right you know what would be a really it would take a lot of a bizarre circumstances to get to this okay it's so you say it is saints ravens and then something happens to drew Brees in minutes teddy versus Lamar would be funny well that it but honestly I hate to say this about that ex that he did a phenomenal job formed in the regular season right right now seems lose breeze I mean teddies good is great well no visible quality great get them where they need to be I don't know I wish because I like to have a soft spot in my heart for teddy because it's flea think the same problem is their defense of Friday and they don't have the they don't have the where with all to be a couple teams on on the way to the Superbowl but that's just me I just say I do too and I've got a soft spot for teddy because I mean honestly let's let's admit it's it's easy to be a big fan of Lamar Jackson's and your whole nations ride his right but you know teddy really blazed a trail in teddy didn't get nearly the credit he deserves in this town for what he did for love it's well that's the I mean written for Lamar bringing out your ravens Jersey that's the sexy thing to do that's the trendy in thing slowing fruit for the sports media right but you know teddy story is phenomenal he gets nowhere because everybody had all the Vikings jerseys and then the minute teddy got hurt those all went away in a few people had a Saint's Jersey Tate and I'll tell you didn't want the love he he don't need his studies we as attendees content with yes but he's awesome I got a soft spot for ten in the same absolutely I mean you know what the boat the best part about all this is is it finally we could stop talking about the patriots well maybe I mean they're still there to eleven wins this year yeah no but that jailbreak conversation that doesn't involve the patron I thought no way they were going to be buffalo yesterday and you know what will happen is in in if the ravens go on this and they start creating a dynasty I guarantee you in about ten years will be having the same conversation about the ravens good that because that's what we do I mean we just hate teams that are good I I've seen it every decade no but I can live with the ravens

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