FBI possibly probing pardons by ex-Kentucky governor, report says


And the FBI may be looking in the controversial pardons made by Kentucky's former governor Matt Bevin according to our reports lawmakers from both his Republican Party and the Democratic Party and Kentucky say they're concerned some of Bevins last minute pardons before he left office were actually favors to supporters CBS news correspondent don Taylor report doesn't granted more than four hundred pardons and commutations some went to convicted murderers another went to a man who served less than two years for the rape of a nine year old but his lawyer tells us he's innocent he says the governor got it right and the pardon was not bots it just felt like a slap in the face fell like a ton of bricks at me I just kind of collapsed to the floor sobbing incurring this mother who Estes to conceal her identity to protect your family since she was given no warning that Mike a shuttle the man convicted of repeatedly sexually assaulting her daughter was going free I wish that I want to come and talk to me first before he gave Mike pardon and and that was never done shuttle Sir just nineteen months of a twenty three year sentence I was shocked to hear that he was even considering a pardon for Mike a shuttle much less granting one Kentucky public prosecutor rob Sanders help put shuttle behind bars this was a very very lengthy case that was litigated heavily to hear that he was basically erasing all the work that we had done was just shocking in a radio interview last week Bevan of father of nine defended his pardon of shuttle by claiming there was no physical evidence if you have been repeatedly sexually violated as a small child by an adult there are going to be replications of that physically and medically a twenty twelve study found that about ninety percent of child victims don't show physical evidence of abuse this isn't a Democrat prosecutor coming after Republican governor I was a supporter of Matt Bevins but what he's done is just absolutely wrong the problem is he's granted hundreds of pardons to people with little or no research into who they are what they did or whether or not they've turned their lives around and are worthy of a pardon as for the victim's family I think my daughter is going to return to counseling because she has read Bevins comments about her and I know it upsets Sir other than that we're just kind of taking one day at a time center says they have opened an investigation into shuttles pardon he says the governor's pardon file includes letters from the defendant and his family but nothing from the victim police or prosecutor's case they're looking at how the case got on to the governor's desk and if there were any favors

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