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Council listen if you want money from the advocacy groups if you wanna go work for them when you leave office if you want to be involved with them five if you want reich is out take the out when that wedded to this island take it but do not use correction offices as the scapegoat or as the reason for why you have to shut this island down stop trying to give new yorkers in others outside of the city the impression that the reason reich is alan have to be shut down is because there's a culture of violence and that offices are using headshots in offices are are are using inmates let me explain something to you over the last three years we have taken custody of hundreds of thousands of inmates in the city hundreds of thousands of inmates in the last three years and we've had maybe twelve thousand use of forces and ninety nine point nine percent of those use of force his is a correction officer getting involved with saving the life of an inmate or protecting an inmate from another inmate such as you see in the the the the the commercials and and things that they've been putting out about inmate khalif prowl they all talk about the video where the office took him down none of them say anything about the video of the two offices who put themselves in harm's way to stop the other ten to fifteen sixteen and seventeen year olds that wanted to do harm to khalif brouwer correction offices while khalif brow was in our custody we stopped and prevented him from committing suicide and killing himself on more than one occasion whatever happened took leave rao it didn't happen to him because he was in correction custody or because of correction office as watching these these documentaries and everything they are saying that he had mental health issues before he even was brought into our custody he had mental health issues while he was in our custody his custody he had mental health issues when we when he was removed from our custody and two years later he killed himself and no one has anything.

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