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He was in the top ten more often than than not also at four polls. Here's k b. Yeah. It certainly was frustrating in the end, you know, we just we came to homestead as prepared as we possibly felt we'd needed to be. And and thought we were ready to go to be able to go out there and content for championship. And you know, we just weren't quite they're all weekend long especially on race day. We just didn't quite have have all of what it needed to be. And what it was going to take to win a championship to beat the twenty two to beat the seventy eight to the four. So we were just kind of off all day. But you know, we got to put it behind us and move on focus forward and figure out what we can do better for nineteen. Here's Kyle Busch yet again. I just think for some reason we're just not quite getting the same amount of attention that we've had years ago, you know, and why that is I'm not sure, you know, I think the racing is so competitive and some of the most compelling racing and all of motor sports. It's it's exciting to me behind the wheel each time. You look at Chicago land. We don't have those finishes every week. But people strive for this finishes every week and tell me how many times finishes have happened in the course of our lifetime. You know? And I mean, there's been thousands and thousands of races. And there's probably hundreds of times people talk about great finishes in our sport. You know? So it's just so competitive that you know, everybody wants the picture perfect finish and the excitement of every week. Did you see Kabul garage this week? He was showing off his his kids. News new go kart. But in the background was a tiny miniature full-on stockcar looking number eighteen car, also Brexit as well. I'm sure I'm sure it was fully functional and everything, but it was just tiny. Right. So that was awesome. I think the go kart itself was fabricated by Korla joy. I'm not mistaken. That was maybe why I wrote the note coral joy up top. But we ended up having more news on him. This week. So that's good. So taking it away. You're you're saying he was in the top ten more often than not that is very true. I mean, he only finished outside the top ten eight times the season. That's why I said that that's incredible. That is incredible. The eighteen driver had eight wins of fish outside the top ten only eight times exactly Coriolis joy has a beard. Right. So maybe we can have that onto he does. It's a pretty good bushy beard too. It's it's a Paul Menard looking kind of beard. Yeah. I would put it in the the realm of fall Menard. See it'll be more successful than Paul Menard, beer, Blinn and all of a sudden. No other show talks about beards and has on his guests like this show. That's very true. That's very true. So Cal Bush had wins at Texas Bristol Richmond, Charlotte. Finally for the first time in his career Chicago land Pocono Richmond. And phoenix. That's a whole lot of diversity there in his victories ahead Richmond twice and that a bunch of different tracks. So now he has wins at every single race track. With the exception of the newly configured wroval, which we don't know if they were going to do that again. Do we write the new fangled jangled rule? I think we'll do it again. It was a pretty good race. So especially if you're Ryan Blaney. Yeah. For sure they have a I'm going to NASCAR dot com. See the twenty nineteen schedule is it on there. Or is it just Charlotte? I think so oh, it does say Roble. Well, there you go. So I guess I why wasn't that news? I think it was pretty much a forgotten collusion on the race. Was that good? But it wasn't like a big news story kind of thing. But it says Bank of America robo four hundred and it says Charlotte Motor Speedway road course as the track. So why did how did we miss that? I don't know. But we should probably move onto the next driver in our list here, which is never three. Okay. Wow. So that's Kevin Harvick. And he matched Kyle Busch and wins with eight that's huge..

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