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Remain in the air. Before i go lan so. I'm not suggesting people follow these rules. But i'm suggesting it's it's it's worked out for me to setup rule of thumb and observe over years whether those make sounds and and one of them i had to give up. Which was there is always going to be a place to land on. I decided that is not true for me. There is not always a place to land. I'm gonna. I'm not gonna i wanna see where i land before committing to a valley off-land. Yeah i would. I guess i would put the disclaimer on the blue part with every situation is different and you said but i can think of a few times know certainly in the in a desert environment which is very very different from the alps we can get massive sells a long ways away and stuck out. Cold air attack us. If you can stay in the air you might be okay but if you decide you know you need the land and you get hit in. That gust front. It could be very blue where you are. But you're suddenly the one. The one experience. I've had in the alps that was similar to this was We were flying from fee. Sh-she down to kinda cour and then we actually made it over and we were heading into davos. And so down the rhine basically and we were on the. I think we're on the north side of the ryan heading heading east and all day. There was a huge sell on the italian side That would have been kinda down towards saint moritz but on the on the italian side and really really big. You know this was one of these where it went up into the upper atmosphere and started spreading out and where we were just brilliant really beautiful but we kept it was with bruce and we kept talking another going. What do you think of that thing hand. I don't know it's getting. It's really vertical while yeah but it's at least forty fifty miles away which is unusual. Be able to even see in in the alps. You don't get that tall most of the time and so often these cells are are you. Don't even see them now. They might be on the side of the of the of the main spine of the alps in you. Don't even see but this one we could see because it was so big it was so tall and but it was just brilliant so at cooler okay. Let's keep going and we got over. The range in davos is down below us and we were both like that's enough. We've we've pressed this far enough in. We both spiraled the ground. Really fast and touchdown literally about thirty seconds before the gust front hit so this thing had finally exploded and started running down the valleys and we found we got on the train and we are heading back to fees and we found out there was i think the swiss open or some some pretty big comp was had been you know going that day in two people i believe i think one died another one and in the trees because they got hit in that gust front and so just a again anecdote. But it's you know one of these kind of you know there's always there's always an exception i think if there's fixed around you gotta be thinking how how much how far can i press this. We certainly press it a lot in the x. apps and there's been a bunch boy house close but to be to be clear when i'm saying blue-sky i mean blue sky and oftentimes when you have that kind of storm when you're talking about the envel- extends out for an you know the cirrus clouds from the angle that is not blue-sky so k. Oh good okay good different. Yeah that's that's important dimension. If if and i believe there are exceptions to the rule but the role as work. Pretty well for me and oftentimes. It's the big storms. It's the anvil that that takes away the balloon now a good point and it was probably a bit by the time we landed. While i remember this can start raining pretty quick time we your dialed down out of the sky was getting gray. Not too good one. I like that. Do you have any other of these kind of yatom. I have one which is applies mainly to fly as mentioned what flatland flying like one one that works for me very well in in the flatlands. Like in ito or in the northeast of rozelle as like the two zones. Like if i'm higher than a hundred meter above ground i'm in you know i'm i'm gunning it and if i'm lower than a hundred meters above ground in survival mode and i'm in survival mode the there the rule of thumb that's you know that's the well-known one that i follow which is never leave lift to search for lift so if i'm and for me in this revival moated that the border is strict eight marinas both ground. I'm not gonna leave lift to look for better lift. I'm going gonna wait until i'm higher than eight hundred meters brown and yvonne above a hundred meters above ground. I'm gonna snob anything that is slower than the average. I'm knockin attorney anything. That's that slower than two meter in the. That's that's going up slower than two meters or whatever the average day. Yeah that's actually that sorta tune gears. That worked really well for me in the flatlands to being disciplined on on the survival mode to not not be optimistic but be pessimistic. And when i'm in the upper layer. I'm optimistic and the outs. It doesn't work out that while because you can't set a high above ground or altitude That doesn't work so well. But in flower but i think he can still have. I think you can still have that rule. I like that. I think in in you know when you're in the mountainous terrain just have a a nice clean cut off between survival and and gun in it and it often. We wouldn't have that eight hundred because we're right on the terrain but we're still really high right over the peaks or something you know. If we went out over the valley we'd have two thousand. Yeah yeah. I like that. You can still. I think you can still do it. But it takes a takes. More fine tuning am i. It went zone. I might now in. And it's it's very tempting to not admit that you're already in survival zone or or very tempting to remain in survival mode too long worked at. I find it more difficult to to set a clear dividing line between the two. Let's return real quickly rica to your your your v One in the list of you.

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