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Wins news time twelve oh three the supreme court made president trump's smile today he tweeted wow after the high court upheld his travel ban he calls the decision a tremendous victory in a moment of profound vindication the third travel ban did include north korea and some venezuelan government officials that may have had some affect on the five to four supreme court decision to uphold the president's attempt to prevent entry for visitors from certain muslimmajority nations the opinion of chief justice roberts who says the court must put aside some of the anti muslim statements of mr trump in favor of his constitutional power to determine who does and who doesn't get in for the sake of national security the aclu response this is not the first time the court has been wrong or as loud official racism and xenophobia to continue rather than standing up to its history has its eyes on us and we'll judge today's decision harshly bob costantini the white house near jersey senator corey booker says the court ignored the jazz genesis of the travel ban president trump's call to ban muslims from the united states but it gives the president points for persistence represents in many ways a retreat from his original position which was banning people based upon religion so we try tried again and again and again and he finally found something that they were able to tailor to get through seems constitutional muster democratic congressman keith ellison of minnesota is muslim he says this decision as a result of republicans stealing a supreme court slot by refusing to consider president obama's last nominee wins news time twelve oh four the wait continues today in the bronx for fifteen year old la sandro guzman felise the boys stabbed to death by a group of assailants his funeral is tomorrow extradition hearings are scheduled today for six suspects arrested in paterson new jersey seven suspect was picked up in the bronx and already has been charged with murder and gang assault they are allegedly members of a gang called the trinitaria does police say that same gang is responsible for another attack in the bronx just over a week ago twenty one year old man is charged in the stabbing of a fourteen year old boy on the bronx river parkway ramon paulino is charged with attempted murder and gang assault and it's a federal wrap the victim remains in critical condition police africa covered some surveillance camera video and hope the public and.

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