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There at the statehouse. And a story from the board of elections. New allegations of financial impropriety have been leveled against Lofton Ascencio, a winning two thousand eighteen general assembly candidate who quickly did an about-face resigned before he took office, including the charge that he used money from the Rhode Island Sierra Club to help finance his campaign. So after conducting an audit of the campaign, the state board of elections yesterday found that Asencio who was the Sierra Club chapter treasurer, by the way, spent thirteen thousand nine hundred bucks of the environmental groups money on political causes according to a report that came out yesterday. So the bulk of that Sierra Club money ninety three hundred dollars went to his own campaign with the remaining forty six hundred going to rent and expenses for the Rhode Island working families party for which he was an organizer into lobbyist, by the way. Board. Also concluded that Asensio misreported campaign contributions. He took a donation exceeding the individual limit in failed to account for campaign spending the board forward at the findings of the audit of Asensio's two thousand eighteen campaign to the AG's office. So Ascencio a Bristol democrat. He was elected to the house sixty eight district's seat back in November with sixty four percent of the vote, but quickly gave up that seat before ever taking the oath of office after a group of democratic candidates for Warren town council found that he had actually faked a Mailer he never had printed or distributed, but ask them to report as a contribution in their own campaign. Finance reports I believe Asencio was chosen as a brilliant of the week. If I'm not mistaken last year, the Warren democratic town committee filed a complaint with the board of elections apparently triggering this audit in June, speak men. One of the town council candidates. You uncovered Asensio's Mailer fraud is actually running in the hostas strict sixty eight special election to replace himself. You need a program. To follow this situation candidate misspent Sierra Club funds. At least according to this audit in the charges. Boy, what a strange story yesterday Steve Neilson from eyewitness news. I saw this. He was over at providence city hall covering the story about security there. When all this happened check this out from eyewitness news. Providence city councillor. Michael Correa was in the middle of answering my questions about his concerns on how easy it is to enter city hall. Do you believe city hall safe? So I believe that the current situation here at city hall is not safe when suddenly his concerns were interrupted caving in..

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