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It's hillary i am hillary chevelle disease animal house where we talk about massachusetts political scandals for taking a break this week to talk about marathon it's marathon monday we're going to chat a little bit about cheaters and the most famous of the mall of course a woman right one what tom shot it all comes down to women rosie ruiz who what what i like about her this is the thing tom shattuck and this is one of the things i enjoyed very much about animal house and this is what i've always enjoyed about history is as i was learning things about prussians and the two front war that germany had to worry about things like that the people like the which was the chancellor who had all of the he had all of these alliances that he was sort of juggling and unfortunately they ended up crumbling but basically learning about these people and sort of what drives them and the reasons behind why they decide to do whatever it is that they do makes history so much more fun and intimate and and this story has this very much for me because rose he's got all these weird personality traits that i find fabulous and that's the thing so while we've been doing animal house i'll i'll find something for example like a member of the lottery story we did where took down malone more that didn't take him down but it certainly hurt his political career a great deal the best part of that was how horrific these two men were one of them basically got out said that he needed not only to be on parole to take care of his wife ailing wife who had cancer but he would probably need to leave the state and then promptly went to las vegas and spent the whole weekend partying and never visited us cancer so it's i i find myself drawn to because of the elite earned the elites i mean your grave robbing or victimhood the best of human emotions and abusing that yes you're a special fellow was was quite something and that is i mean that'll get surprised as i'm like looking through stories about whatever happened you'll find that the players in these stories end up being there's different sorts of people that are actually makes the whole story worthwhile you go on a little tangent with some guy who actually has the gall to do this.

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