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It'll be warm tonight and tomorrow will be the hottest day so far this year with a high around ninety I'm Stan Lee here's what's trending this hour cheers could be heard from monument circle medicine McGill reports on the fifth day of protests Madison McNeil reporting from monument circle for a few hundred people have gathered to peacefully protest for black lives matter they're singing and chanting as people hold their signs up high with black lives matter I can't breathe and more written on them he does have a curfew again tonight that starts at nine Madison gill ninety three W. I. T. C. mobile news fired his police chief after officer shot and killed a man security video appears to show the man fired at them first but they were not wearing your body cams and they shot restaurant owner David McEntee eighteen times mayor Greg Fischer reacted to those developments and others across the nation these are criminal acts that piece merch the whole purpose of peaceful protests the peace March Brianna Taylor's name in her family's request for people to protest peacefully the shooting prompted more violence in global Indianapolis colts head coach Frank Reich says there is no room for racial injustice in this country it's easy to be silent and do nothing when it doesn't directly impact you this attitude simply doesn't involve any conviction about doing what is right and standing up for the inherent dignity and rights of all people no matter the color of their skin that was coach Reich in the video call with his team Monday you are one minute away from traffic and weather it's no bother staying knickknacks that funny mug ironic tied for worst I owe you coupon books it's time to get yourself something you want to add like a craftsman half inch corded.

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