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But jong is hard on. I said i just felt like is hard it to get used Excuse look i'm a massive melba. Melvin minimum album fain and a new position of losing. Because way just drop rather be in your shoes. Then shoes and twenty out pretty good natalie farm and we could. We could dr the if you log in watch last night game because i had to get some joy after massey's lossing on twenty twenty one i want to bring up is the little master. The great main jablu junior retired. How much of an impact did he and coming back to the club. A couple of years ago just bring to the to the club to to the geelong region etc because it costs income. High salt memberships. And that's that's probably the the the bottom line was what helped getting back Ac lesson good for you applied did get money too long attain -cially He didn't have the impacting twenty. Twenty that he didn't have that he had nineteen nine By got the chance to three hundred. Fifty diane's Just fell short. Two hundred and fifty along being But you know that we got the same line in other grain fondled in the white nine hypothetically suffered a shoulder injury comes back then we found it has series of Throw it with was pretty impressive Very tiles donald is happening on Make nasty but deed and the cat certainly guide opportunity I think it was not steady book into these korea at geelong rather than gulf coast in modern. Just it at eight so lacey guy to stop by the wonderful galls took that really nas mark in a golf square in tool on easter monday. it was just. It was just and there wasn't anyone that i think. If you're a true football aficionado. That wouldn't have had a bit of a two year in there is seen guidance. I william grant phone will because you knew it was he's lost. I just wanted to see him that way out with hall. I feel if you if you in meet thirties. In gary ablett mightiest ibew onto to all your adult life. Leave gary ablett client now on in my early forties than the period between ninety seven two thousand and one bicycling hall of watch. Football is by. Gary ablett lines. I from ninety four to twenty twenty four year gap between foggy gap between what we do have a j. abbott wine lake fully. I two as well obviously throwing your You feel could potty law. Spain wednesday Cricket is gone mid forties. Siphon but warning i'll get yet it's time with me for the todd vanni. Saudi things have a different sort of thing. But we've always had a volume flying at the club and it's really nice that we can't have that father son saw the things are. Let's look at twenty twenty one because you did make some moves in the off season. Yes i told you that if someone said to me. Look these one's gotta have along. Yeah you're gonna have harry tyler leave and you're going to have gary. The nicole cockatoo. Someone's gonna try it for him lachlan's all these get traded as voluntary jack. Stephen you probably say that that was a bit of a a miscalculation or misstep offer various races this Miscalculation acquire office. John history with that site and two of them have ain't come from elba was clock blaze to catch Has lies An opportunity in occasionally heads shoes other clubs over. She is off the field nearby. Tried that with dexter and unfortunately didn't work Jack really good D. and call in from just got going at a little neagle strand. Juan de beek comes along But that's all ease unfortunately added to. He told mel when a big one game at the mci. J. the melon was supposed to go in and dominates and iran tony torres apart so when he went to jilani thought on he's gonna slutty no honestly but these things yet so i thought of control controls at reflection. Yon reflation. you've got sean evans lost. Yep would have been better value while you've got to initiate not just team. You happen to bring in his blood before. Jeremy cameron he comes from. Aws done talk flyer. He's already guy and his name is x. Meet apparently eat a little bit older. But he tends to guy belter issue on egan's blood or maybe the best in the nfl etc. Decided he'd picked up after losing abbott and tile that that is a massive hole top. You guys out. Mostly you've you've you've tried or voting. Exactly what did you Shuffled what will happen. He can spicy glue philly apple and do christ. We will do better in terms of probably have more impact on the school board in. Gary lost the gary was probably not right. Recovery bull on the ground After a contest he probably wasn't as quick to react as he had been previously. He can still has that ability higgins. I push into the midfield. Gary wasn't doing it. As much at smith goes onto the wing now hugo under the wing that might lead solves occupied ops guys back to cater fancy carry tyler retired police housing heinous dental college as me icon. Jewish a out at a really solid back unit Nextway wings gonna come from able to look at it and golly brewing three offensive weapons. What's going to happen now. you're gonna. Tim wanted view based defenders beckoning to use defend are just That will weigh perfectly. The cats have Little ron on the wings. Minagall on smith and moving back to way is nice. Comfortable as a football medically sows biscotti. When he can see the whole ground he can raid. What's happening what's coming. When when he's up the grand He's not a natural footballer. Is not being obviously. Nfl expect ramp from the ican can actually A five set up the buffet to say the grand to be better and then as a result in on the he's better football any any icing willing ability Obviously he's spain from the contest can help Outside those strains a crucial a suspect the real interesting. It's gonna be cameron hawkins dynamic question work. Yes it will. Because cameron apply up the grant. The other thing too is able tom. Hogan's is he's hoping full. Ford some hogan's lease actually pretty impressive He's had games what he's got off the ground at me twenty physicians so he will be able to rhyme as well and genoa makes it really hot for chain. He's had one on one debate. So if you're sending boycott the grand behalf Winning one on contests. He's beautiful the forty. He's probably optima dunkin. The second vista field. The geelong saw in terms of heating targets. So as a result they got him. Potentially looking at jeremy cameron coming at him and eating. Licey al sucks.

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