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In Palm Beach county? It keeps me warm in New England. I would not be wearing the sweater today. I'm Howie Carr. Jumps more our car after this. This. Need a gift for Valentine's Day. How about a romantic evening with Howie Stephen grace book you in Studio B I p experienced today at howiecarrshow dot com and save fifty bucks for now until Valentine's Day. I'll e carshow Donka. The winter deep freeze is coming or even worse. It's here. Temperatures two zero more lower. You don't even want to know the wind chill, and you're still working in that unheeded workshop or garage or go outdoors freezing your don't off you need. The vows seeks heater the vow six infrared heater not your typical space heater where you wonder whether it's even honor not the Val six infrared heater projects heat through infrared light rays up to two thousand square feet of workspace. The bow six Peter will even keep you warm working outdoors down to ten degrees or lower. So if you're working in the deep freeze, and you're sick and tired of it. Try out. The valid six infrared heater today. Call now six feet for the dealer nearest you. One. Eight hundred three to five five eight five five one eight hundred three to five five eight five five valve six heat dot com. One eight hundred three to five five eight five five..

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