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Everyone is served before eating. I made that mistake the other night. I was at the Hall of Fame dinner, and Jody Deming was their cruises there and the rest of the Catholic Education Foundation folks, so table of 10 Well, I looked around. I saw eight people. I didn't see the other two. They didn't have their meal. So I started it on the chicken. Well, sometimes, though, they don't do that in time it out for you like last night before the meal. We had four people going to the show. And Becky had a salad. I had some chicken and they had a pizza salad came out first, right away, right. And then the chicken came out 10 minutes later, Right? Pizza 10 minutes after that, right? So Becky sat didn't touch your salad. Oh, I ate my chicken cause I wanted it while it's hot, yes. So then Cruz Toni Kroos because slap my hand. He was like, you gotta wait till regular food and I looked up goes. Oh, I'm sorry. The tables big. I didn't see that their food wasn't delivered yet, And I want to eat mine. While it's hard. Why did the people that are last get to eat the hot food and I don't And let's be honest. The big convention Hotel chicken piece of chicken on your plate is not good. It's only good when it's warm, and it's only going to be warm for about three minutes. Yes? Never reached to get something That's basic. Yeah, Reach over something you you make unless you say Excuse me. I do this all the time, too. When you get up, put the napkin on the chair, Not the table. Sure. It's pretty simple. Now. This isn't on the list, but I will mention it. Don't eat like your camel. Quality him. Mike. Mike!.

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