Get Off Your Phone and Get Into 'Travel Mode'


Technology travel is undeniably helpful but overreliance on technology and the Internet can also be a hurdle between you and a rich travel experience. Seth goes written about this topic in his new book. Rediscovering travel travel guide for the globally curious and he joins us now for some advice on how we can switch it over to what he calls traveled when necessary seth. Of course there's great uses for technology in our travels. Nobody would deny that but technology can get in the way and I think that's what you addressed in your notion of the travel mode. What is the travel mode? Well think of airplane mode on your smartphone when you get on a plane you put on airplane mode is a bunch of stuff. It just doesn't work and basically Iowa's fantasizing about what because I'm on a trip and I have my smartphone and now my smartphone works in every country in the world. It used to be great. Used to not be able to use your your smartphone in some countries but now works everywhere so it always be like no. I can't use it. I'm not gonNA open tripadvisor knocking to open Google maps. I'm going to get through this day without without it. I'm not going to post to facebook when you know at the Pyramids at Giza or anything like that. So I had this sort of this fantasy that my phone would tell me what they could do and what I couldn't do so I invented this sort of fantasy app called travel mode you flip it on and the main sort of idea of it. Is it restricts how often often use certain elements of your phone but allows you to use the other ones that really help travel okay. So let's go through these just because we're all going to construct this APP APP in our minds. Thanks to Seth Koogle. What about texting and messaging APPs right? Well I think that people love to be connected with their family in case emergency he happens and I'm not against that so what I've done here is I've said you can choose a few people and allow their messages to come through. But the rest of the folks. You're dependent on that one hour a day. I would. I call connection time where you know. You're in your hotel turnoff. Travel Mode and there you get to answer all Texaco's encased cold Turkey here we're going to give ourselves one hour a night to be wrapped up in Oliver social stuff in my fantasy I actually would have it be a A. GPS based thing and you can only use these things when you're inside your hotel room you're not allowed to use them outside so that's a bit of A. It's even more of a fan I like but it's fantasy fantasy so that's okay. Now you mentioned when it comes to email limit your email responses to about the amount of time it would take to right. The weather's here was you. Were beautiful message on a postcard in the old days. Two minutes Max composing each message. Well email is really these days kind of a work up in a way so you know if you have to answer so the question you get two minutes to answer it. That's it and of course it has to be during that one hour of during that one hour in the evening when you're not in overseas when you're really beck at home in your normal. There's just no such thing these days as an emergency email if someone needs to get in touch with you during the day they can text you or call. Yeah now social. Media's the big deal it just we they seem to have a deeply ingrained need this show off on social media when we're traveling but how does this impact the experience. And what should we do about it. Well there's a huge debate in travel travel. But I I can't help but think that if you're posting to Any of the social media apps while you are somewhere. Then you're taking yourself out of the moment now. I do understand the need. They sort of human desire to show up where you are or at least inform your friends of what you're doing or to be clever. So what travel mode does it still allows you to take the pictures to take the videos and it just can't post them until you get back. You're certainly not allowed to see how many people liked it and who commented on. Oh Yeah just doesn't make any sense to do that when you're on vacation and and these software companies are so good at stroking yours. Serotonin needs by headstrong you. The little hearts in the little sparkles as people love would do. It seems very unnatural to take a picture that would be great on instagram. And then wait until nighttime to to post it but in reality you might even be in a time zone where everyone knows asleep anyway right so it's clearly to me. It would make my trips so much better if I were forbidden from posting on social media until nighttime okay so we got permission not to be reporting live but why do you need to interrupt being in the moment. Get the luxury of reporting later and and working within seth's Travel mode our when you can be connected. What about relationship APPS? This is a very interesting point that you brought up. I never even I thought about it. But there's a lot of relationship APPs that can actually be a plus in your travels but under certain constraints. Well I've been amazed in speaking to people a bit younger than me and a bit singler than me who used stuff like tinder on vacation as a way of meeting people usually romantically? But but not always and and I just think it's a great way to meet people in the place you are. I completely forbid you from swiping people in your hometown while you're on vacation vacation. That is completely unnecessary at does not make any sense at all. Now it's funny. You say that because I was just having a barbecue dinner with a vagabond friend of mine. He's a free spirited bearded guy that basically is on the road almost all the time and he's alone and I was marveling at how he enjoys himself so much alone and he just constantly a uses these relationship as he travels and not necessarily for Romantic hookups purchased. Hey I'm coming into town and wants to get together. And it's a huge bonus for his his Solo globe-trotting to use the relationship APPS. especially if you're the kind of person that has a lot of trouble SM- smiling and ask a question of a stranger. It's a way it's an easy way to meet eight people in. It's become a very normal way to do it

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