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This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook. Twitter and graham 's the divide gets deeper over infrastructure. I'm pam who south fox news. That's according to the senate republicans spearheading talks with the white house. West virginia republican shelley moore. Capito is leading the gop delegation in a statement. Her office says there continue to be vast differences when it comes to the definition of infrastructure and the magnitude of proposed spending. The white house has come down on the cost of the president's proposal from two point three trillion dollars to one point seven trillion dollars. Fox's jared halpern. President biden had been hoping for a deal by memorial day. Another soft deadline expected to come and go involves a police reform. Bill named after george floyd the president wanted. The bill passed by the one year anniversary of floyd's death which is tuesday may twenty fifth. Floyd died after a former minneapolis. Police officer kneeled on his neck from more than nine minutes on tuesday. The president plans to host floyd's family at the white house. It's day two of a fragile ceasefire between israel and palestinian militants in gaza. But i don't think this is a time to be doing victory laps. I think is time for serious Talks to try to curb the violence and you know the iron dome worked with israel. Thank god congress passed. We gave him that capability house. Republican michael mccall of texas as the international community works to shore up the ceasefire. There have been new confrontations between israelis and palestinians at a holy site in jerusalem. The atlantic hurricane season doesn't start until june first but already there's a system swirling about two hundred miles off the coast of bermuda. Castro say sub tropical storm. Anna is slow and a radic and should dissipate in a few days. America's listening to fox news. 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Police have said potter meant to use her taser not her handgun graphic photos in iowa at the trial of a man accused of kidnapping and killing a jogger authorities say christian rivera who is charged with murder led investigators to the body of molly tibbets in a cornfield picture. We can see molly tibbets neon running shoes such a significant symbol because she was an avid runner and ultimately abducted on her nightly run parts of her remains appear to be visible in some photos including her long dark hair andhra hands and just steps away from her body dark running shorts and her underpants and investigator on the scene. Testified these items. These article of clothing were removed from her body. Sox's match fin. Transparency from the white house is being sought in tennessee. After reports surfaced that migrant children are being brought to the state befall started because a local news station down. There got some tips that planes were flying into small airports sometimes in the middle of the night like one thirty under the cover of darkness with planes filled with unaccompanied migrant minor children and that happened after the governor of tennessee a republican asked the biden administration when they came calling not to house any minor children. I've from the border in his state. Fox's peter juicy when asked about the flights white house press secretary. Jen psaki said some children have to pass through tennessee to get to their destinations. I'm pam from fox news. You're still running your business on quickbooks quickbooks more like quicksand. The bigger your company grows the faster you sync with outdated software. That just can't keep up you don't have time to spend dealing with manual processes multiple systems delays and scrambling to get the numbers. 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