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She describes her scars. From my belly button down to my toes, I've always said that my scars look like scrambled up tights. They feel smooth and normal. But not normal to look at. They've got lumps and bumps. But it looks like you weigh in a corset. And then you're slightly bitter and so when you see wearing a corset, it just goes tight, skin in. Yeah. It's really tight on my hips because I've got the scars going around my hips as well. Nobody's questioned it when I was wearing jeans, but you can definitely notice it from the outline of the jeans. It does make me feel uncomfortable sometimes because you think all people are going to notice because you are all oddly shaped. But yeah, it does play online sometimes. If I'm going to card if shopping, people will stay at you. How did it happen? When I was about one, a non member of my family put me in the bath and my birth mom came in and saw what happened. She dialed in 9. So the path was too hot. It was really hot. Definitely for the baby skin. It happened at 9 a.m. and I got seen at 2 o'clock, which led into dehydration and also there is effect in the brain as well in the lung difficulty sometimes. So it's not just like your physical appearance. How has it been dealt with? Well, I gotta move from the situation from a birth family. Because that's the story of the day. So now I'm adopted with a meeting parents. They've taught me from the start, what's happened, would you call a scar, would you call a skin difference? What would you like to be labeled as because people do like to label? I like to believe it as a boon survivor. Because in all victim, but you are a survivor of what happened in the accident. And that you've come out stronger. And so what's it been like growing up with it? As a child, it's been hard because you get children will be nasty and bullying. Remember this one lad, and he said that I had zombie legs. And basically I should have died in the bath. I remember my first day of high school I did what a skirt. I wore a skirt with high socks and these horrible club hoppers. You call them. 1516. I started wearing trousers. So I had to just hide it all up. And then you get your two teenage stage and I went really quiet. I didn't have the confidence to talk to people. I had very close friends and that's the way I dealt with it. I hit myself as well from the world, and then about 1821, I decided I me and this is why I should do. And what made you decide that? Because it just doesn't happen overnight, does it? No. I had a lot of talks with people that I'm Friends with this adult boons club. And the children's bones club as well. And I hear the story from somebody else. I thought my lifestyle that everybody accepted you for who you are. And I was really nice because then you could show off your burns. You can tell your stories. You can encourage each other..

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