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Tony's at his home. They're taking their time out on a Friday night. Answer any and all of your questions about your autumn your car's needs as we head into the winter driving season, So let's get right at it. And I'm gonna start off with both of you. What should the average car owner be thinking about? We just had our big first snowstorm, So our timing is a little off, but nothing we could do about that. The witch You're driving season is here. What should we be thinking about immediately? Well, there's a there's a couple of things you know, and one of the Basic things is stay home on Lee go out if it's necessary. Even if you're a very good driver and bad weather, it's just not you get it, Weigh it out. How necessary is it that you go out and do what you do? We're going home. Last night, I saw four wheel drive trucks. They were in the snow down in the middle between the left and right sides of route 95. Yeah. You had a patch patch of ice. I don't care if you have four wheel drive, six wheel drive. You're just going down. I mean, so you have to wait. So they were in the medium. You mean there was they would have been traveling and they are off the road, not off the side of the road there in the medium. They were in that in that median strip in that snow was very deep, and it would suck you right? Right in. We saw trucks bigger than ours. Getting cold stuck then. This type of spell this time, just minded you right right in. So you really have to weigh it out? How important is it that I go out and do this and you got to drive slowly. You know, you have to adjust your speed to account because you don't have the traction. Um A lot of people get stuck, and they don't even think about this. Don't stop going up a hill. There's nothing worse than trying to get your car going when the nose is pointed up bill on an icy road. So So what? It's like when, when all of a sudden you're going up that hill, you know that you're slowing down. I mean, that that instinct is to hit the brake and try to back down. What should you do? If you can't make it to the top of the hell then you need to get old. You need to try to win because most likely going to slide. Get over towards the curb. Pray you don't hit anything. And just park it wait for it to get a little bit better. You don't want to have personal injuries done, but plan that hilly if you're living on the side when you're going up What the hell and you see, a trash truck stopped in the middle of that icy road. And you have to get further up there where he is. You know what? You wait until you have a clear path. Tony couple of things that maybe people could still be thinking about. Obviously, the first big snow was here. But all of a sudden you go from 55 60 degree weather, which is great because Your car is not going to be overheating. There's no ice in the road meets the perfect driving conditions are for the most part. He can have a rainstorm, obviously, with leaves, But what should they be thinking about The battery? I assume has got to be one thing that get you got you. Have you want to make sure that you know one of question Battery? Yes. Number two. You want to make sure that your wipers are properly fitted for winter for winter usage Number three for me, is you Washer fluids. Make sure that your windows air clear that you can clear them. Um, your heat works Well, number Number three. Number four. I'm sorry. Get hires. You got to make sure that your tires are in good shape that they all season or winter went already driving. Um, one of the things that I saw yesterday, especially, um you know, I see people they would they would they Traveling too close to each other. And I was driving in tow the backside of ever yesterday and I saw one little Toyota Woz too close to the backside following a one on one of the city plow trucks and the flower truck went and slowed down and stopped. This lady just couldn't stop. She was way too close. And next thing you know, you see, there goes the kind of sideways right into the back of it. Really, Um It's it's if you're why I just don't see why people do that. And particularly, you can be on even a major road and you're clicking along its its 60. You go in 65, depending upon the circumstances, you're 10 miles over the speed limit. And you have some Person and Joey's A guy comes up behind you, and they just sit on your tail and the one time I I've never seen. A. An unmarked police car pulls someone over for that, and you see him. I've seen him in the distance. You see someone of this. They pull over the guy that is on the tail of the next guy. He's in the left hand lane, and he's gonna irritate people. I just don't understand why people do that, because you would think that some one who they're going to do. That, too is gonna be play the old Slam on the brakes trick and, you know, give the guy You know you what you want. You want to be prepared for what's going on. And I know that, you know, like a storm that come up that we just had, Um you know, we'll go out on the road. Is it Larry? Reiterate? I gotta reiterate what Larry wouldn't said.

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