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To be liberal, and they're all voting for Biden. Who really when you get right down to it is not a liberal Democrat. He's a moderate, and I think what's her face is kind of liberal, but that's what she's not that far to the left, either. She's not know this is a very moderate ticket. If you really look at the issues, this is a very moderate ticket. She's moderately all about herself. She's not too concerned about the issues anyway. So our celebrities cozying up. To these folks have been a lot of fundraisers. I remember in the past about this time just for a month or so before voting would be a lot of money that would exchange hands. Celebrities have big parties and they bring in all the heavy hitters to meet the candidates. Is that going on now? Well, not as much because you know, the pandemic has prevented large crowds from gathering. So there have been a lot of online things Not to be honest, though. I don't I don't feel and I'm on social media all day on different platforms. I don't feel the presence of celebrities a CZ much as I did in 2016 for Hillary. So you know the rock kind of as we talked about earlier this week in a surprising move for him because he has definitely he's known to lean way more right than left in Hollywood is one of the few on he came out and endorsed Joe Biden this week so and he's never endorsed any political candidates, so that was kind of interesting. But one of the stories that really struck me as as a kind of bizarre, but, you know, Hey, this is the world we live in Kylie Jenner on Monday. Kylie Jenner, of course, is the youngest member of the car Jenner family. And she is the sort of the beauty more hard. Jenner Well, you know, looks like another electric car, our genders now the beautiful reducing the beautiful new car general. What? That family puts their name on everything. So who knows? Maybe there will be an electric car. Jenner, you never know. But anyway, so on Monday she has 200 million instagram followers. Just like Let that sink in. Yeah, 200 million instagram followers. I think I saw what's his face or what's her face. General? What's her name? Now? Caitlin Caitlin. Caitlin Jenner was being interviewed by somebody think it was Billy Bush. And he was talking about the influence. They did something as a family, and they hit half a billion. Social media. Oh, yeah. They're reaches insane that the show is coming to an end. But the Regis, I think for that Well, Kris Jenner kicking up with it and then went yes, it was her. Believe me. I've watched Ryan 2020. But risk dinner went to Ryan Seacrest and said, This is my idea, and she had a home video that she had made of the family and Ryan and she's the one who went to him. That's why she's the executive producer with him. But he's and then he went to the network and said, Hey, this family's kind of crazy. Let's put them on TV. So that's how it will happen. But it's all the momager. All of it is Kris Jenner. She is the brain. She's the brains behind that business, and all of her Children are billionaires now, So you know, good for anyway, so this story is on Monday, Kylie Jenner posted a picture of herself couple pictures in a bikini. And so essentially, people, you know, scroll through and they see pictures of Kylie all the time. So she put thes these pictures of her posing in a bikini. And then she said, Now that I've got your attention Go to vote dot or GE and make sure you're registered to vote well vote dot org's Because of this, one post reported a 1500% increase. That means 48,000 users directly went from Kylie's picture to vote dot org's and it almost it because it was such a big boom of users at one time that it actually took down the site in certain certain parts of the country. So so now vote dot org's said that they've had on and that is a nonpartisan. You can just go on that site. Make sure you are registered to vote. If you're not, you can register whatever state you're in. It's a very It's sort of AA. I think it's one of the best sites that you can go, Teo to make sure that you know everything. Your records are all correct. And so on The it's interesting that Ah 138 million Americans just to give you some, You know, some background here than the the registration. The verification tool from Instagram on Sunday came out with 174,000 users going through Kylie's thing, Tio her instagram page. Onto the vote dot or excite to register to vote in 138 million Americans out of 328 Million on Ly 138 million voted in 2016. All right. Is 45 past the hour In a moment of Oh, I had a feeling and I say something about this info on dancing with the stars. Doctor Can crone house And his questions reductive Doug can coming up Also our podcast Good day House show podcaster Doctor can the most recent one focuses on whether or not it's not the whole thing, But there's info on how soon You should have sex if you've had a heart attack. How soon after that, Should you have sex? Dr. Cannon Cardiologists answers that question a lot of with lot of tons of other questions. Eluding focus on vaccines for the virus. All that.

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