Ghana, Israel, Italy discussed on Fantasy Focus Football - MNF Recap & Week 7 Waivers


I believe through that the preseason an and throughout the season i believe he's the best running back on that team i understand he still has a few issues and pass protection but uh ultimately on an offense that doesn't have a ton of sparks he is a big one and so uh hopefully you know ghana looked at that tape and figures at a way for him to get that he's available in like this the tunnel leagues as a think um i also think by the way in israel and italy as is as is jacked oil which i thought was interesting so robber turban looks like he broke his arms to find your last night so my expectation hilton elbowinjury arafat games yeah we'll keep an eye on wednesday partly by interest addis going forward sure but what you saw wisdom at the medical staff escorting him off and supporting his form which often is an indicator that there's been serious injury somewhere in the wrist hand forum album but if robert tournaments anytime obviously that would increase the amount of snaps the marlon mack plays and i'm believe that the kid just needs to get on the field and get the ball in his hands secondly also jacked oil has tied into such a brutal position it was nice to see jack door with the season i eleven targets last night as well look do i i don't totally by that i don't know that gets doubledigit targets every week but he's available 65 percent of espn dot com leagues doyle i think it somebody who i liked the preseason and should be you know if you need a tight end time now for the wave are pickups of the week we know with that the ezekiel elliott stories and evolving what is a matter of fact at the time that we are recording this podcast there is a meeting set in new york city today that i believe could advance zeke elliott suspension store we don't know for sure what you think do you think that meeting has taken place in a hotel room.

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