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That's cool narrows the gap between a pc version and xbox version. That's cool man. Xbox microsoft is just like all no way they removed the xbox live gold subscription and requirements for multiplayer and free to play titles. Some free to play titles. But i'm not there. Maybe maybe it is all summer. There are going to be a lot of shrieking in microphones over the next little bit. I'm over but man. When team fortress two went free to play that game died to me it was. It was a yeah. I'm sorry this was a different flow. Play knows it's a different community that pays for a service. Yes this is. Sloping is highly aware of their aware of indifference in community. All right let's go ahead and get through some super chats. Then robert mail says lola. Bunny collab- confirmed question mark. You know you know the lola bunny. Redesigned totally unacceptable. We can't we can't stand for rise up gamers can can you. Even i'm not even gonna you know what i'm just going to say. That whole thing ridiculous. And then i'm just not going to say anymore. Grizzly garage says there's only one man who can break into apple. Tim apple i. Don't okay. I don't get it apple okay luke. Regardless of what anyone says keep that moustache. Oh gambler trying ignore it. So it's in my sight. Well gamba's says fox finance to the moon. I have no idea what that is but it sounds like probably spam that i probably shouldn't have read charles says linus less repairable isn't necessarily awful for the environment. Less repairability leads people to upgrade to more energy efficient devices and makes devices more durable extending their lifetime. The profits business says cyrus team talking about amazon. How complex it is we specialize in this and bought three tumblers to shoot some optimized john. The who does for us. Who could i reach out to had hoped not to talk about your amazon store. You reach out to lt stores support. Actually i don't know maybe they'll wanna talk to you. Man since when are the super chats like other businesses reaching out to me about stuff. Tales says this is my first super chat. Ever love you watch for years. Also subbed on floatplane. Keep it up. Hey thanks tales. Funny had says update on the rio pm p. Three hundred bounty youtuber. Dank pods appears to have one drink once. Yeah yeah. I think we already have one but thank you very much. I found out what happened with that. Dunk pods did reach out to us. And it went straight to spam. Colton sent me a screenshot today. so day pods. you've got to find out why your emails to spam dog. I don't know why. But we didn't block just was automatically flagged Nice john bray love it too. Cool story bro z. Storm as a daily driver of the note nine. Are you aware of the green tint issue that x. knows variance develop after updating ten. No and i don't have an x. Variance i probably won't see it Spleen tried to get one for a friend that just built a computer. Looks like a missed out. Have ten dollars instead. All thanks spleen begun. Db's edam says channel. Superfund laptop competition. Yeah i'd love to do like channel. Superfund thing with maybe we could rent an indoor track. Are you probably could. The orca says bought a used twenty sixty from an angry parent today off craigslist for its original price. I get home. Turns out to be a thirty sixty. I called the did not even care. I'm so happy. I feel the need to throw money at you guys. Don't off mom. I would say i feel bad for that kid but from the sounds of it. The kid didn't buy it. So wow don't obscure paradoxes. First time catching the stream live. Massive fan ever consider doing x. Oh see if so happy to lend all the equipment what the devil is. Exo see like ebay over clocking software. Or that's what that doesn't make much sense to me to. I wonder if you done typo your twenty dollars super chat dog. That's a little awkward word fish. Okay could bill gates a gaming. Pc says leandra. That would actually be a very fun club. I'd be super down to do it. Extreme overland camping. I had no idea now. People are trying to get the nba player that we're gonna cloud with. I will not confirm or deny until we have actually shot it. Danny martell says fifty nine hundred and now a sixty one hundred. X t thanks. You are now. Officially verified game reprogrammed out we are allowing duplicates on cpu and gpu but we are not allowing duplicates onto the thing. So yeah so. You're allowed to win twice if they are entirely different products as as an entirely different product. Sections is on a duplicate. You don't get to. Gp's yes one cpa one gpu. Like extreme over clocking. Oh like dry ice liquid nitrogen all that kind of stuff you know. It's one of those things that's never really appealed to me me. Neither hot take I just don't care. It's so i like i'm into impractical. I would even. I would have done a phase change build guide before but to me if it's something you have to continuously top up. It's just not it's just not interesting Like it's interesting in terms of i'll look at other people doing it and i'll be like well great resolved that is so cool and i will genuinely mean it but you guys an any idea how tedious it actually is to actually do it like all of you know adjusting this stupid thing in this other stupid thing and yeah i just i just can't care. I'm sorry it's not on twenty four seven he that's the point he knows that. Why don't care like to be clear. It's not that i'm not crazy. I literally ran a chiller as a daily driver. I took a like you know two foot by three foot chiller with my gaming pc. Kate my e sixty six hundred overclock to like whatever the crap it was. I took it to a land party. Que they had to get a separate circuit for my station so that it wouldn't trip the breaker kind of them. But i daily drove it. Twenty four seven baby. If it ain't twenty four seven. I just don't give that's just all there is to it. I'm sorry.

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