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You can set up a free, no cost no obligation meeting with me, and we'll spend an hour or an hour and a half together. I'll ask you to bring in your tax return, which I will give back to you. But at least will explore what will benefit you one eight hundred three seven seven five seven five seven. Of course, this is Super Bowl week. And I'm very much looking forward to interviewing my next guest. You know him, of course, if you're a football fan. Tony dungy? Great. Well, he's great in many areas. He was a fabulous player. He was an amazing coach. Coach and he's now a phenomenal NBC broadcaster. So I think you'll enjoy my interview with Tony dungee, and we're also in a few weeks going to have the opportunity to speak to another football legend. Fran tarkenton is going to be on the program. Also this program is not just self promotional, it brings you fabulous guests we've been doing so for so long, and it mixes up the type of a show that it is. It's not just the stock market the stock market the stock market. It has a business orientational to it. But I bring a round the subject matter to helping you in the business side. But it is a very eclectic show when it comes to our guests, and I hope that you spread the word amongst your friends family that money matters is an interesting show to listen to when we come back. Tony dungee will be on with Gary Goldberg, I am very much looking forward to it. Moneymatters with dairy Goldberg. Have you ever thirsted for dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur? But you didn't quite know how to pursue that dream like relate to you..

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