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A Seattle city council committee may vote on the waterfront our local improvement district project and sent it to the full council mayor Jenny Durkan announced an agreement with some property owners earlier this month to reduce the size of the proposed tax while giving them input on the waterfronts design and operations that clears the way for the mayor to propose legislation to create a one hundred and sixty million dollar local improvement district smaller than the two hundred million that is anchored property owners for years. Komo's Kelly Koopman. Komo news time seven thirty seven to Tacoma police officers fired for allegedly telling woman to beat her nine year old grandson with a belt are now facing criminal charges. Almost Carleen Johnson reports. Live both officers face charges of third degree assault coercion and official misconduct. They are. Thirty four year old Jessie, Jane her and forty two year old Damian Berge fired three months ago after an internal investigation by Tacoma PD. This incident happened June twenty seventeen to come a news Tribune reports the two officers responded to a call about a boy who reportedly has developmental disabilities. And it threatened to kill his grandmother. They had been to the home before two social workers were there at the time. And according to charging papers, they say officer, Berge encouraged. The grandmother do hit the boy with a belt officer, Jane or they say then held the nine year old down as the grandmother struck the boy twenty to twenty five times with Berge allegedly instructing the woman to quote beat the demons out of the boy, and who represents officer Jane said his client will plead not guilty says prosecutors dragged their feet far too long a charging decision. And he says those officers were trained to suggest to parents or guardians they could use corporal punishment. They're going to be in court, February first Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. How would you like to live like a hall of Famer Edgar Martinez? Bellevue penthouse at one Lincoln tower is on the market for just under ten million dollars..

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