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Something that they're just learning it could be a project that they worked on but this is giving all of us in opportunity to stand up in front of a room full of people and explain and teach what we know so knowing what you know now if you had done that first workshop over again what would you have done differently i would have plan for it and again this was off the cough there was no planning i would've written up documentation done screen prints i do this for a living i write documentation i want my participants are people that i'm dealing with an a'meeting or whatever to have information in front of them that makes the content a little bit clearer especially when you're doing something that's technical you wanna know where people's eyes should go and what they should be doing for second third so i would have prepared for it written up documentation and you know had it available for everyone and that's the plan i'm going to have that for my next workshop where i'm going to take the show on the road so what were some of your favorite outcomes from the workshops that you've done because you've done that one will you've done several others in in the past would you say months weeks yes in the past months past month yes so what were some of your favorite moments that you've seen in those workshops one that sticks out particularly well was someone saying oh my god i'm working in lenox like it was one of those.

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