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That Zachary Levi actually voices. Feld spar which I did. Not You told me. Yeah those really funny. I hope they Iraq together before the show is over. It's kind of like Alex Hirsch for voices like a lot of different characters on gravity falls. Not just concl- Stan. Yeah but like he voices Eugene like the handsome rugged prints and then he's also fell the most annoying humid in corona. Now I think Uncle Monty's the most annoying and least her upon zone rubber woodfold votes for votes for eats the meat and then he chews swallows. It comes back and he keeps chewing. It was like a cow to God. a few more things. I had down about this episode. I really liked the hot air. Balloon is just the default method of travel now seems like in Corona. Yeah very fitting. Since we're puzzle loves like the floating lanterns. Now she kind of gets to be on a floating lantern and float into the Sky O. F. Dream came true to battle cast. They're just GONNA have lanterns that they shoot. Maybe opencast back to herself seeing all the beautiful floating lanterns. Well I mean I think she is herself like she's kind of justified in what she's doing to a point in the the blue. The blue girl is of course Again her on but I don't think CASSANDRA's hypnotized or anything. I think she is acting in what she feels is her own best interest right now. I'll have to think about that. You wouldn't agreed. We'll save that for big. I guess we're not going to do. Another CASSANDRA theory episode. Because her potline will probably be resolved next week in the one. Hour special yeah. I'm excited to see that. Said I wanted to do another big. Long Cassandra episode. Well we missed our shot. Maybe we can do. A CASSANDRA RAPA. Yeah I thought okay. One thing that I did really like about. The episode was the dynamic between the captain and baby casts and it was just kind of interesting to get his perspective on what happened. He told her puzzle that he felt like he had failed. Cassandra she had failed. I mean she failed corona but he had failed her as a father which I think was interesting just every every scene with him in baby cast which is so sweet and you could really tell how much it was hurting him to have to let her go. Yeah but I mean it was because he needed to get back to his daughter and the real world so not sorry which which was it was good. It was it was a good ending versus just really sweet when he was in sad. When I I was. Kinda getting sad when they were the fountain and here is about to take that coin out and she was like Daddy. Are You Gonna? Are you leaving me? This side By the kids so runway from the scary adult she'd become. He just liked her naive innocent south before she had power. I liked the nickname that Eugene gave to cast. You remember the nickname that you jay gave her. No little miss most likely to eliminate us all in our sleep. Oh Yeah that was funny to Dr. Thought a serial killer. Yeah ooh I'm scared okay. Here's an interesting topic. I know we're getting a little long but I had some good now so I wanna you know the one time I take notes. I want to get him up there. I go pretty soon because I sell jute nate. Okay well guess what I have to edit this whole thing tonight so blah blah blah Just more work for myself but So one thing that was kind of interesting is about halfway through when Pennzoil realizes that casts isn't a threat. She kind of says herself if she's not dangerous why should he have to lose her again and I was kind of wondering what we thought about that. Like if the curse wasn't happening if it was a good wish what do you think the The ethics of that or the the the what's our stance on if what we feel about him keeping his imaginary daughter if she wasn't a threat because we're puzzle seems to be coming down on the side of if it's not hurting anyone than let him have it? I feel like should it's hurting cats. Because he's not gonNA come finder if he thinks his imaginary daughter is cast and try to and she rebuffed. He didn't try though he didn't well. That's true for your real kid before your imaginary kid. He fought her with a sword and then commanded her to stand down and that was about it. I think he's a bad father. Can we say that no one is well like he's always been really gruff with her and kind of very busy? Don't you remember the father's day the parents day one day we kept off a little toys? She ever made him or whatever it was an actual episode was the comic. I think but still yeah. He's just not good expressive motion. Yeah and I feel like you. Totally would've told her who were mom. Was she never asked? I think he's kind of right to blame himself. For what cast is doing because part of why she is lashing out like this why she doesn't just kind of address her situation with Rapunzel as he never modeled proper conflict resolution to her. He never modeled. How talk about your feelings like that? And so now CASSANDRA's a lot like him where she just bottled up. And then it comes out in violent combat. Don't pair playing here cast other role models. Besides don't you think no other a man who raised her being emotionally distant you think him being an emotionally distant father has nothing to do with her inability to adjust the situation properly.

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