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36. I'm Ashley Frasca and 95.5 WSB Atlanta's news and talk How about another hour of Christmas Joy? We call this the ghost of Christmas specials past Merry Christmas. Oh, well, look way made it to WSB. We can't wait to see the doctor Nair's I love them. Oh, boy. I hope they let me in. They better I have a song for them. Just hear those sleigh vows jingling arranging it. England too. Come on. It's lovely weather for sleigh ride together with you outside the snow is falling in friends are calling Yoo hoo! Come on. It's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you Anything. Don't autumn, Tim. I'm here. Come on. English Nick Jared. Someone our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy, Cozy. Are we way we're snuggled up to gather like two birds of a feather would be let's take the Robi Boris and sing, knock or resort to Come on Lovely weather for sleigh ride together with you. What is that? The door opening? Yes. They let me in. Yeah. On now, with part two of Twas the night before Christmas, please welcome back Channel two's Fred Blankenship. And then in a twinkling, I heard on the roof, the prancing and pine of each little hoof. They drew in my head and.

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