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WBZ news time to eleven state court is shutting the door on the appeal of a Naperville man, convicted of murder in two thousand fourteen a judge sentenced twenty six year old grand van Buren into twenty years behind bars in the death of fifty five year old Charles Clarke, prosecutors say the two lived in the same Naperville home where in fatally beat and strangled Clark before turning the gas oven on and running away it his appeal. You're in argued the state failed to disprove his self defense claim and that the trial court ignored his request to represent himself. But his conviction has been upheld. By the second district appellate court of Illinois. In a statement to page county state's attorney Robert Berlin applauded the decision at called van Mirren's appeal his attempt to avoid responsibility for his actions. Andy day, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine. FM? Geneva. Residents are being asked to cut back on water use as repairs. Take place to water main breaks Geneva communications coordinator. Kevin Starr says the cause of the initial water main break has not been determined unusual. We had such a large pressure swing in the water system that resulted in two other water main breaks Kurt at the same time in various sections of the city crews are working to repair the mains and reopened streets that have been closed until then star said residents should try to avoid washing clothes or dishes to relieve stress on the water system. A plan was unanimously approved by the Indiana distressed unit appeals board to establish a second middle school in Gary the northwest. Indiana times reports it comes as a response to parental requests. Now parents and the Gary community school corporation will have a choice between two middle schools each with dedicated programming for children in.

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