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The does love it's solar-powered which leads me to want to thank some of our sponsors. Dumbarton electric, folks, helping us at the win. Eight news living green shades of green Summerlin, Howard Hughes. We mentioned them they're great sponsors power shift from envy, energy, southern Nevada. Water authority. And of course, southwest gas. All your lungs. Just celebrate Earth Day, teach others the importance of sustainability. Ten to five is the time at downtown. Links and information on the talking solutions Facebook page along with the podcast of artists. Cussin' today. Paul a net stand. You know, what we always ask on the show talking solutions? What can we do to help you? Well, you can volunteer for green fast. You can join green lions at green lines envy dot org, and you can stand on the side and wave the cars go by for the parade on a kickoff green fest with the clean energy, Dr procession. This is something that we open up to the whole community. So if you have an alternative fuel means of transportation, it could be a car truck. It could be a scooter. Whatever you want to ride along. You're welcome to do. So we recommend that you register online at green fest LV dot com. Stan is heading that up. Yeah. We're going to start at Las Vegas psychiatry, which is about a half mile away from downtown seven year Flamingo and towne centre drive will stage there between nine thirty nine forty five AM and start heading up to greet fest. With the idea to arrive about ten AM, we'll headed north on town center, then turned left on Sahara and then into the downtown Summerlin area when we get there. We'll have a specially coned off area for those people to park that are in the caravan. And then we also in the parking garage have eight charged point ports available for anybody that needs to recharge. There's a parking space for them as well. So we're all set up, and it's a great time for anybody that owns the plug in.

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