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Saint Elizabeth healthcare post game show on. Dave Armbruster time. To get, some final thoughts on tonight's game from the two guys who called it Marty Brennaman. And Jeff Brantley. Thanks you while the formula Jeff Brantley oftentimes or more, often than not for that matter is rather simple get good pitching and get, some early run production. And take it to the house it seems like for the reds when they have gotten, good pitching especially good starting pitching they have been able to capitalize. Whether it'd be runs early or runs late, and the the runs tonight came. Early in the ball game You know I really think that Sal Romano handled. Tonight's issue with the rain about as good as you can handle it for a young pitcher now granted he didn't have to take the mound before. The rain came in but he did have to warm up he was totally. Loose he was in the reds dugout expecting to come out for the, bottom of the first inning and that never happened until an hour and forty something minutes later yeah and the added pressure of course as we talked earlier about pitching in front of maybe are close to two hundred people from settling in Connecticut a couple of hours away. But you would watching south. Tonight, he probably looked as calm and collected as any ballgame that we've, seen in pitch it didn't seem. Like he was overly head over adrenaline or was over excited about being on the. Mound or trying to throw the ball to hard he just went about his business about, as good as you could do it and now tomorrow we've got Robert Stevenson making his two thousand eighteen debut and he's going to have His work cut. Out for him given his mouth opponents going to be well I think for St. for Stevenson tomorrow If you. Really forget about, that Jacob degrom is on the other. Side and you concentrate on keeping the Mets off. The, board it's the reds offensive responsibility to take care of Jacob degrom Stevenson responsibility is just get the Mets app well. That's all coming up tomorrow when they kick. It out off around, twelve ten and the forecast. Not, bad at all tomorrow we never expected to kinda rain delay we had here. Tonight but all's well that ends well the red started strong and went on to post a seven to one, Wendy even this make this sixty one final score to even the series at a..

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