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And you should know as a former CIA director I don't talk about things like this very often it is only the occasions when there's something that I think puts people at risk for the reporting is so egregious as to create enormous risk the United States record I even common in the way that I just did. so they get it the Russian narrative is dead so what we have to do show intelligence apparatus thinking that Donald Trump is compromised by Russia the best way to do that go to CNN possibly with the sources the problem is nobody else can understand where this story came from Mary Beth long is a former CIA operative officer she was on with my command you will who filled in for Chad unless I cut twelve is it time for CNN to retract and apologize for this story I think it is and I think not only has the New York times set up but the CIA has been unequivocal this is a false narrative this is a false story and it is done tremendous damage I think CNN not only owes an apology but they really ought to make amends are they have put not only this asset toward this alleged asset at risk but everybody else who is in this position now fears that they will be out and buy some kind of process that the CNN that is invented for their own use by the way the person who they speculated is their name is out it was in the New York Post in various outlets today we're not we're not going to say it but if you are that person what are you thinking now knowing though at bottom of Putin likes to hunt down people they leave his minutes and we saw them and poise them and kill them some mysterious way one eight six six four oh eight seven six six I will go to the White House next to Kevin court give us the latest in the aftermath of Jon bones firing oops excuse me resignation Brian Kilmeade show is Brian Kilmeade..

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