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Features plume recently came under heat because as they do it now when you buy a plume you have to buy a subscription and you have to maintain that yearly subscription or the plume will not actually there's a debate over whether we'll continue to work at first they said it won't work now they say well it will but it won't be updated is there a charge for that yeah i don't remember off the top of my head and i use plume at home and you did mention a feature that plume has that i really like so and more and more routers are going to have this here's the problem you have devices on your network that are kind of dumb internet devices sometimes we call the internet of things are not devices things like doorbells cameras and ovens and all these stuff often these are not really secure we've seen over and over again cheap chinese cameras have hardwired passwords anybody got the net gear arlos i've got yeah those are you have an arlo that arlo is already a mesh router right the the others cameras i'm sorry i was thinking develop which is yeah okay arlo is a is a camera now those are secure because i think you know the neck years here yeah i think they on it off i'm not sure i'm trying to remember but in any event no other still nigger i think those are good but it but you never know with iot devices are they up to date and the problem is if an iot device is less than perfectly secure it can become a gateway into your network that's what you wanna do was trying to i was trying to get you know i've got these other choices to make let me let me just finish this i'll talk about so so the way the plume and some other routers will work the plume does this is they can create separated networks that only have access to the internet they don't have access to your network and so that you put devices on that network iot devices still work but even if they're hacked the bad guy does not have a gateway into your system so that is one of the i think very nice features of plume i don't think euro offers that bloom has three networks has a network.

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