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So do you find women that come to you, you know are so in fear initially that long, you know, you kind of have to talk about the ledge and and and remind them and this is one of our big messages as you don't have to fear cancer, you know cancer is just the symptom. It's not the cause exactly. Yes. Yeah, I deal with that Fear Factor pretty frequently. How do you how do you how do you talk them off the ledge when they first thing I do is to tell them this is some viable. It's absolutely survivable. This is not a death sentence. Yeah, and and less spoiled that fear down, you know into something wrong. More approachable and just get them to realize that okay, we're all here for a finite period of time. We're not it's not like no one's going to die. We all will be an eventual thing. But the important thing is to realize that you while you're here. You need to be living your life as fully and completely as you can and enjoying it and you know, gosh that's so important, isn't it? Absolutely now you you know, you mentioned initially before your diagnosis that there was a lot of stress in your life. And you know, one of our Essentials is essential number for and healing the emotional wounds and making sure that you know, you're managing your stress because Well tell us what what does stress due to the body and your immune system? Oh, yeah, it undermines the immune system to a huge degree. I mean either one of those epigenetic factors, isn't it? Really? I mean, it's it's huge and it's so important to deal with it because I mean, like I said earlier, I I I work with people all the time who are doing just absolutely perfect with their diet. They're supplements everything exercise doing all the right things but during this toxic relationship or during this horrible job that they hate. Well, I'll deal with that later. No dear really we need to deal with it now because this is important factor in cancers a wake-up call, isn't it? I mean It's it's the biggest wake-up call you'll ever get and to deal with every aspect. You can't leave any stone unturned really long and it's you know, it's about transformation and change right? Because if you keep the same lifestyle that you had precancer, you know, nothing's going to change and and I've see that so much of time, you know, women are doing everything right as far as the supplements but they're you know, they're just not progressing until they deal with the emotional aspect. And then also there's a shuttle aspect which is a huge factor that a lot of people think it's not that important. But you know, we definitely need to look at you know, what's in your mauth oral microbiome on the toxicity of the amount goes the root canals and all of those things. Yeah, I once not too long ago had a conversation with the lady who was a thermal imaging person dead. But I forget now what her exact title was but she worked with thermal imaging and she had some really interesting photos of women who had root canals and you could see how the root canals were affecting those meridians and went right through the breasts. Yeah, seeing is believing Now using fascinating fascinating. I saw that a lot as well. Now, let's talk a little bit about some of the things that you recommend for the women that you coach as far as long. I mean, we you know, as far as nutrition and then as far as the specific supplements or herbs or Chinese medicine, you know things that will really took a good cancer cells. So let's first of all let's talk about nutrition. What are the basic things that you recommend? I recommend the people do daily juicing or smoothies one or the other whichever they prefer or switch off because there's so many things that you can get from that way. It's better than taking a multi-vitamin because you're getting the nutrition at the very basic level and right into the body cells in our bodies love that. Yeah, and there are so many things that you can do like even just even just juicing a stalk of broccoli the things that you'll get out of that. Hi slow. Yeah powerful. So yeah, carrots and beets and all of the greens spinach all those things makes such a huge difference and they taste good too. I mean, it's super simple just takes minutes and you provided yourself with an amazing amount of nutrition organic eggs go ahead and has to be organic. That's that's a whole other subject, isn't it? But yeah, and so and beyond that I just I don't say to people, you know, you need to go off me you need Volkswagen. I'm not I'm not that strict. I just believe that make it as clean as possible, which what you enjoy eat from the rainbow. I hear people say that all the time but it's so true the brighter color than it is the better it is for you. So yeah loads of loads of vegetables loads of fruit. And if you're going to eat meat make sure it's as clean as it can be in organic or free-range just really good stuff. Yeah. Now do you follow the blood type diet? I don't so much anymore. I was reading the books. Mostly someone handed it to me and said, you know, you need to know about this page, right? I do believe that it works for some people. Yeah. Yeah. I did it many years ago. I'm an old blood type. So it made a lot of sense to me cuz I was vegetarian for thirty years and I just after a while it just wasn't working for me, especially as I got into menopause and yeah, okay. And then what about what about targeting cancer cells? How do you how do you deal with that in boosting the immune system? Okay. So I saw it sort of depends on where a person is in their Journey, but for for someone who is considered cancer-free just looking looking forward to home. Staying well and no recurrences. I I strongly recommend people be taking something to work with the hormone levels. Sometimes it's a damn sometimes it's the calcium gluconate depending on you know, there's particular situation. I do like Dem a lot but but for boosting the immune system, I haven't found anything that works better than those medicinal mushrooms the mushroom last. Oh my goodness turkey tail and China and Russia and maitake. They're incredible. Absolutely incredible. I followed Paul stamets four years the the mushroom guy, you know the most mushroom Guru, he knows about mushrooms and gosh the things that are coming out from the research studies just fabulous. I don't think he owns his own mother healed herself with a combination of herceptin and turkey tail mushrooms. So just got off. So human is another thing that I wouldn't be without curcumin is amazing. So many things not just for not just for cancer, but for me, you know reducing inflammation in the body and targeting cancer cells and yeah, really incredible stuff. Let's see. What else do I like em. I do recommend co Q ten for people who are going through radiation and chemotherapy. I think that's a really important one for them to have absolutely. Good, and I've got a whole long list of things. But from Main ones are the you know, dealing with the hormone aspect and you know off the medicinal mushrooms, I think are really super I've heard a lot. I've been I mean dealing a lot with people who are getting mistletoe therapy to 4 a.m. Address of cancers. Is there someplace on the US where people can get mistletoe therapy pretty easily. If you can get a doctor's prescription you can get there's a couple of pharmacies. I know I did it during my second healing journey and it's really simple. It's just the you know Sub-Q injection off and when there is some. Some clinics that I believe offer it i v as well, so yeah, it was great. So Marnie if there were parting words of birth Is dumb for women who are on the healing Journey? What would you what would you tell them? I I I really think that if they can align themselves, you know with their inner wisdom their inner healer and just tap into that. We know our bodies better than anybody else and if you are feeling like a therapy just isn't going to be for you then don't do it. Choose the ones that make sense to you do your research? Dive

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