Pacific Ocean, Cleveland discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Are inoculated against the pandemic against the virus but it's what gives rise to a rival of anti Christ let's go to final call storm east of the Rockies AC in Cleveland Hey AC go ahead yes currently believe well you're in his vision that you had you said that this asteroid hit the Pacific Ocean is that correct that's how I perceive them therefore that's what I think is true so in your vision you claim this asteroid hit the Pacific Ocean correct that's what I believe okay well in in chapter eight of revelation there's only two verses that actually deal with warm wood and it clearly says in revelation eight ten that it fell upon the third part of the rivers well that's right so imagine though if an asteroid impacts the ocean and it is up sub of such a substantial flies five fall and it's burning as it enters into the ocean it is boiling literally those waters which them are aerated they rise up into the atmosphere they are spread by the upper atmosphere and they will rain down into the rivers waters possible waters and that's how the consolidation occurs by the way I'm glad take up that you brought this up because they're stupid I asked my yeah very astute and I asked my friend.

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