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The man who's been recognized as radio's best the recipient of not one but two Christie just Marconi awards for his broadcast excellence. The one and only cutting. Cunningham. The great American. Let's continue with more in about thirty minutes to sell. We're going to have Thomas Massie United States congressman was quizzing Michael column on Wednesday. But until then let's continue now with John and Maryland, Oklahoma, Governor, HOGAN, John and Marilyn, welcome to the Bill Cunningham show. John, how are you? Pretty good bell. I haven't talked to you for a while. Things are getting worse and worse here in Maryland the steak steak or do they did last year? They got rid of all their good players. Same thing with the ravens got rid of flacco their hundred million dollar quarterback. But anyway, and the crime rate is probably the worst per capita in Baltimore writes last time Republican was in charge. A baltimore. What was the last Republican? I don't know. I've only been here. Fifty something years hen Bevere happened. Donald shaper that became for what for mayor the governor. He did a good job. But even a democrat. How's the Democratic Party responsible for Baltimore? But they take no responsibility because they they play the race card. You know, you've got this guy that's in charge of the oversight committee. He's from Baltimore City. Elijah cummings. The guy is just a complete racist. That's what Trump is. They don't look in the mirror because they hate whites. And whites don't get any support. I mean, the the the white set living Elijah Cummings area, they don't even get their calls returned. That's the kind of situation we have here. I called up. Lives in Cincinnati. And he's got two kids in school. They're teenagers now, and we're worried about the future. I'm going to be seventy nine April six, and I'm not going to be around too much longer to to see my vote is counted. And so when I see a guy like Jim Jordan from Ohio at the Cohen hearing. Target out and said your work. Worked for Trump's ten years. Yeah. Hell how many times you've been in the White House never goes up? That's the reason you get invited. And you wanted a job you wanted to be cheaper going out. Why wouldn't you wanna be chief of staff, forgotten course, sitting there was numerous people? He wanted to work. He lied flat out lied. But you know, the shocking part John is that NBC ABC and CBS put these hearings on live across the country along with their cable affiliates. As if this was some national catastrophe or crisis was nothing to do. And even the democrat said any Russian collusion. The answer is no. So what the hell we talking about Deutsche Bank. What are we talking about? Well, the reason they had to Cohen hearings on they didn't have to have them on at this time, and they probably have done it all privately, but they wanted a damage Trump at which they probably did. And it's because Kim Jon in Hanoi, and they say were. Mocking. His detractors were saying Trump. Oh, we wrote the art of the deal. What happened? You know? Don't look like you could really do what you said to your book. And and this is like the second time that the United States is being defeated in in Vietnam. You know, why why would they do that? They just ruined this guy. I'm kind of glad he walked away because I don't think any way on God's green earth. Kim John is ever going to give away nuclear weapons that's good out of jail free card. I don't call it a fool's errand. But you might as well try twenty four years you've got nothing, but failure Trump's going some other route. I don't think it's gonna work. But I give the guy a for effort. Well, nobody else's diet. Nobody else sat down with with him president of the United States. You think that maybe Bill Clinton or Bama would have done it our Bush, but you gotta give it you're right for effort, but trouble with negotiating with Kim Jong UN. He's tied in with with China. So unless there at the table, I don't think can journal can make a real commitment. That's the problem. John. I'm with you a thousand percent, let's continue Lewis in Chicago Lewis in Chicago. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham show. Louis how much global warming is there tonight in Chicago. A polar vortex Bill global warming global climate change, the climate's always changing, but man made global warming is the issue right and California had they're called his February on record. Yeah. Well, you know, it's it's another hoax by the Democrats anything anything that lies. It's the Democrats you believe government control of the economy. And then when he use environment to make it happen yet Eli all the time Bill. Can I help you with well Bill, you know, wanted to talk about the hearings? But first of all agree with you hundred percent on this racecard issue. You you could expect the Democrats be playing the race card for the next two years because they know they're losing the democrat the black vote, they know it, and that's why they're doing this. Even in Chicago to keep calling Trump a racist. Every everywhere you turn it. The Democrats are calling for racist. They're going to play this one hundred percent. What are the Democrats done for blocks in the last seventy years in the city of Chicago? In fact, Lewis would you go to parts of the south side of Chicago at night. Would you go there would you feel safe there? No way Bill. Democrats are in charge. Aren't they in charge of the schools? The police the economic development the jobs that's happening in black areas of Chicago. It's unbelievable Bill. What what isn't what why don't the blacks figure out what the Democratic Party is done to them over the last two hundred years lynchings, Jim crow Ku Klux Klan, the behavior of Woodrow Wilson FDR? It's all laid at the foot, the Ku Klux Klan, Robert KKK bird. It's all laid at the foot of the Democratic Party. So why are blacks Democrats when they destroyed them because they're uninformed Bill? The media is controlled by the Democratic Party and the media. With the Democratic Party. They should call was terrible. You know, the mainstream media the local stations, all all Democrats. They carry water for Democrats all the time. What happens to the south side of Chicago in about ten or twenty more years? Good question. Here's the issue. Louis Louis Farrakhan is in Chicago, right? Rob Emmanuel chief of staff of Obama mayor of Chicago Jesse Jackson hometown. Chicago Barack Hussein Obama hometown. Chicago aren't Dunkin department of education eight years, Chicago Valerie Jarrett, Chicago, I would have to assume that those Democrats fashion their policies to work in Chicago search for the eight years Obama was an office did anything significantly changed for blacks in Chicago. Yeah. It got worse worse. Okay. Now, why do they keep voting that way? Because the media is totally control Bill. It's incredible. It's amazing. Talk radio. You wouldn't have anything here is there conservative talk radio in Chicago. There's some yes. But not much what chance would a Republican have running to become mayor, Chicago, no chance. In fact, Trump got fifteen percent of the vote. And of course, there's the mega hat wearing whites walking around with ropes at one o'clock in the morning when it's minus five degrees looking for some black guy to Lynch, right? That's what they want us to believe they play full full tilt. I mean, it's it's incredible Bill. It's like it's like living in the Soviet Union instead of providence. You got ABC CBS NBC local affiliates to credible. Some of the stuff this afternoon at Selma Alabama when the democratic parties can continue scare the crap out of blacks acting as Republicans are racist on the Democrats have always been the racist. Let's continue now. Larry in Indiana. Larry in Indiana. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham show. Larry go ahead. One important question to ask you. But I like that you're talking about mayors of cities. Well history is important Detroit. Last mayor Detroit was mary-anne left and sixty to sixteen sixty eighteen sixty was the richest city per capita fifty three years later. They filed for bankruptcy New Orleans, eighteen seventy two Newark jersey, nineteen forty eight Frisco nineteen fifty six Chicago nineteen thirty-one Milwaukee nineteen eight and they had two socialist mayors back to that. And but I look at. On that point. Larry. Knows areas like Cincinnati's nineteen seventy-one which is kind of recent. So when you have in Chicago, no Republicans for like eighty or ninety years, and the city has large part high taxes completely dysfunctional a public school system that no one no loving parents can send their kid to hoping to get an education. Why isn't there a sense of the residents we have to go a different direction? Well, I think one because I think they're trapped economically and any other way, you wanna think about it trapped by the Democratic Party. So the only way that they think they can vote vote form vote for more Democrats, otherwise it's about thirty been marketed before by Democrats to Republicans they'll take things away from you. And that's why I think the black davonte they have this. The Democrats have taken away from African American spend their lives. You're right. Alive. When Democrats say something when they accuse anybody of anything when they say somebody's done something or the city will do something all they have to do is turn it around the transfer to transfer from what the Democratic Party is to the accusation and gets the Republican party. But here's here's my question. Bill who's a free idiots? They're going to go. Nice Macron macaw macaw, mcculskey mcculskey or whatever. Yeah. You mean Murkowski beyond the border? Thank Alaska's Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Well, I think we have to have one more, and that's going to be rand Paul rand Paul's probably going to vote against the wall. I think it came out that he just he just he came out in the news. He just said he's he can't go with the president. So I think even the doctor I don't think he sees things through clearly. It's an ophthalmologist. I. Maybe Susan Collins of Maine, so you have I mean, the Democrats would never do to what Republicans have done to Trump. We have to think one of the things to Bill and live in Chicago that was saw linski that was south therapist outside in talking about sausage cop. You don't go to the west side. Chicago later, I go to Chicago, quite infrequently large sections of Chicago are largely uninhabitable and the public school systems are lousy and stink. Is that fair to say? Yeah, I lived right in the middle weaning, I live, just Wisconsin. So I was in between Milwaukee Chicago. And I was I was in the service. I was recruiter in Detroit, we had to take take our people down to the net station of the physical station and driving down your try them out of the city because we were getting young men being rake walking eight blocks from the central station to the bus station to go home. Dan, Gilbert's work in Detroit. Aren't there large sections of Detroit was America's richest city that are largely uninhabitable? In fact, there's sheep and cows grazing and large parts of Detroit. Well, they just had to recently. Get permission to go down a bull down. Oh, track whole tracks houses. And starting to climb out of Belgium right now because Dan Gilbert. That's right because of the Bill because of the Michigan Quicken Loans governor governor Michigan stopping the awful. And so, and so this is happening to you because of the policies of the Democratic Party. Why do you vote for Democrats ninety five percent of the time when they're in charge of racism, and the destruction of your community, and the destruction of the black family what two blocks vote ninety five percent of the time for the party. That's destroyed them. Yeah. Like I said before the fear has been putting on justly by Jesse Jackson Stockton. Cory Booker, Kamala. Harris African American leaders get paid give make lots of money, and they want to keep the flock in tow. It is ridiculous ridiculous. Unless continue.

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