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Hold on your smart speaker through a lecture I'm a Lexus or Google home we are San Francisco yes a an eighty two cents a day on now the batting order we will begin with a batting an eye leadoff spot T. N. B. R. six eighty leadoff spot with your host Adam Copeland on KNBR six eight supports leader so this game before driving the right very well cool it it's up against the wall later would back the tag now he's got plenty of time to score the three nothing one of the one twenty drive it is the with his fifteenth of the year the stories Longoria now it's old lady it is five nothing dollars to drive right center field this flood well headed to the pool and it is off the top of the wall record the belts got a double and record stores it's not the right handed out of the game he lives when the right center field racing over is well are you makes a headlong dive when he makes a spectacular catch well yeah Kevin polearm racing over to his left and then he took flight and the he robin Escobar of it extra base hit don't forty years I was a and.

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