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So where are all these miles. Go capital one card. Hello and you know. And the fact that. I brought rain boots for rainy season. And it's like oh wait. It's still like eighty five degrees even though it's raining so i don't really need to wear these like dark and and i wouldn't say really a lot of surprises. It's just i mean. I've been to asia so many times I think i think it's just such a weird bubble chain goo because there's so many ex pats like you you go to most of the restaurants especially the western ones. Everyone speaks enough english to by. And you kind of forget that you're in a f- a third. It's literally third world country because not knows no running water that you can drink like the locals. Oh drink it. We don't drink it. You don't even wanna put your bug bites in it. You know that kind of stuff. You just have to be careful of all the time and you know both marvin. I have been sick and both gotten into scooter accidents in the last couple of weeks. So hashtag bali life. You deal with you know. Yes yes that is. That is very true. That's very relatable i I noticed that some of the people that have stayed here for quite a long time it starts. It does start to kind of build up our your friend june. I could i remember her talking about just it just just all these inconveniences start kind of building up and the benefit also or the drawback however. Ucs surprise or annoyance is that you know living here you do have to leave time-to-time for visa runs so jessica poor recently and when you're gonna call him poor or you go to singapore. I mean it's a bit more. More quote has a ton of malls shopping apple. the east. Right yeah so you get some western vibe to it. Singapore the grossest part of the western violence yes maybe a little capitalism there and she was nice i was almost i was dead set on trying to buy an ipad pro and she was sweet enough to go to the apple store while she was there and price it out for me and then at the at the very housing i can't i. It was because ipad pro now is like thirteen hundred dollars. I was like oh it was just. I just need it for video editing..

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