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77, now to Orlando. Severe weather station. Safe touch Security. Red alert. Triple team traffic. We've got issues in Osceola County. Ed thorns has the latest, you know, you tractor trailer rear ended another tractor trailer that caused the fire and fire crews still battling. With that blaze. I haven't seen any flames in a while. But there's still a lot of smoke billowing out of the tractor trailer. The first tried to truly that rear ended, so it's going to be a while before they get this cleaned up. You got all southbound lanes blocked as well as North Bong found closures at mile marker, 2 36, but South bound traffic is being forced to exit at Qasimi Park Road. Better bet is the exit at 1 92. If you're heading southbound on the turnpike, and then you can take 4 41 or 95 as alternates to avoid that closure of the turnpike I four eastbound delays from 27 to 5 32. After that, you've got to tap the brakes at 5 30 16 slowdowns from Conroy to O B T top of the brakes at the four weight as well and then on the westbound side, seeing a little bit of a slowdown just after Lake Mary Boulevard after 4 34 and delays from Maitland Tooley Road as well. Yeah. Well, your air conditioning survived the summer give pro tech air conditioning and plumbing service A call at 407 to 91 16 44 or online at protect a c dot com with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning. We're helping you get to work on time. From the Wdbo Triple Team Traffic Center. I'm ed torrents. Santa fact shut the Stanley Cup champion.

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