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N m e dot com embrace the new are you god was from all of us at wgr vr vr vr vr ready also exploiting wtmj as while the block at seventy one degrees mostly sunny today with i seventy six along lake lake up to eighty one inland i'm jane matenaer if you're putting on some miles over this fourth of july holiday you got plenty of copley little over forty four million americans will be travelling at outlier tricky milder more from almanac of about of three percent acreage nick germans with tripoli's tells wisconsin's morning news part of the reason the low gas prices connect gas prices across wisconsin um better figure below where they were at that time last year overall dharma says travel numbers are up is also a lot of people flying by air going to resort going on cruises utilize in the long weekend for that sort of a vacation as well fireworks at homa may be a lot of fun but there were also much more dangerous than you may thank storebought fireworks account for nearly all the firework injuries that happened to children that's according to lisa clint simpson the safe kid southeast wisconsin coordinator at children's hospital because there for hailed driver nina mary hey simpson says most injuries occurred at the hands fingers head face and ears saarc rare gere comper nene injury and the art kov degrees fahrenheit burger you'll hot per day handle she recommends glow sticks as an alternative to sparklers colleen bowland wtmj news wisconsin's manage raising money for us veterans by playing one hundred holes of golf this fourth of july carl carl myer tells wtmj the tradition started nine years ago when he was home alone and decided they hit the links just kept going and stopped at seventy two ooi because i had to go to a friend's house for dinner and that i will watch the fireworks is i said what are you going next year and a you're going to go 100 but it's gonna be something that ties to our veterans as we wouldn't be celebrated fort without a burqa the money raised goes to hire heroes usa which places veterans in new jobs is cherry started twelve years ago crossreference seven thousand dollars replaced of the first year they've thirty seven men and women last year this week the placed veteran number 10000 can find out more at higher heroes usa dot org.

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