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A from layer and leah asks robots would you like to be a princess or a pirates princess or a pirate us from malaria who is six is out feel early on i am cliett leyland yeah rebel is is very very lazy in fact i plead guilty nuclear plants were delays our work lamno pirated leprince's would be unless automobile older my prince has k the duchess of cambridge she's busy she's always doing stuff an kyodo chesnot and up what she's essentially the princess isn't she angie's well busy does loads of like nice charity things he's always event soon more barely looked okay some cambridge borokai collier hot beta is such a ridiculous questioned who is more busy the duchess of cambridge or parore depends on many voyages ego on a space if you go on like one voyage raza pirre and find loads of buried treasure then you might know after work for the next six months of the list glares tunnel toll furlan i realized really is is in as quite is at lear you've actually ask quite deep question that normally layers cut leskovac rebel we need we need an answer but would you rather be a princess or pirate based on the information still blogs via abrines as long as i think he'd be more of a princess that apply right to be on his rival water scares me yeah also as well water is no good for you is it and then also lethal gas exactly so thing may be a with those things taken into consideration variable would rather be a princess than a pirates thank you feel question leah view us at the question of itsumi rival what you need to do is go to fun kids live dot com slash breakfast we get into the business end of things on the phone kits download niwa we're going to be a answering a robots trivia question.

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