Donald Trump, United States, Assad discussed on World Affairs Council


But not their nuclear capability because they already have it now there'll be a cough for denuclearization and this is my prediction is that they'll be some kind of agreement that in exchange for us saying we now have an end of the war on something that they'll say okay we'll have some constraints on our missile testing and will destroy something and they won't agree other than on the nuclear side other than the aspirated we will move towards the goal of nuclear a nuclear free korean peninsula and then we'll let the experts handle that donald trump will declare victory and kim jong hoon will declare victory he'll say look we stopped threats to the united states we didn't solve the nuclear problem but we stopped threats to the united states kim jong hoon i think would say we've got the americans to surrender after all these years he'll go home and say look that now i'm well respected i'm having great leaders like assad come to peon yang i've been invited by putin to go to moscow and that will create i think an incentive for him to say okay we want a nuclearfree korea as our ultimate goal but look how good are nuclear weapons have been they've already achieved such big things for the north so i think this is going to be a mixed blessing i hope that it has this kind of success but we should be careful of salesman who tell you that this deal is really perfect denuclearization may mean something different to the trump administration senate means to kim jong un's government and he has said apparently to the south that he in fact is committed to denuclearization of the peninsula but does that for him include our commitment our nuclear umbrella argument metro retaliate should south south korea be attacked does it include our bombers that.

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