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To the ground outside the Ethiopian capital killing all one hundred fifty seven on board. The accident is drawing parallels to the October crash of lion airplane that plunged into the job a C killing one hundred eighty nine. But experts warn that doesn't mean the reasons they plummeted are the same nevertheless, China and eat THEO Pia are among the countries that have decided to ground the plane, which is causing some travel disruptions today in a move that will likely lead to another tense standoff with congressional Democrats. President Trump is expected to request eight point six billion dollars in additional funds for the construction of his long promised wall along the border. In its annual budget proposal to congress to officially be unveiled today, the White House they'll see congressional approval of five billion dollars in funding for department of homeland security efforts designed to build sections of the wall as well. As three point six billion dollars in funds for department of defense construction projects along the border. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says the president shouldn't go down this road. Again, the same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again, so we hope he's learned his lesson. Sam Senate GOP aides say they are also wary of Trump's request given the recent government shutdown a woman suffered injuries to her arm after being attacked by a Jaguar at wildlife world zoo outside Phoenix on Saturday, zoo personnel, say the woman was attempting to take a selfie entered the animal's enclosure when the animal swiped. The incident is being investigated. The animal will not be put down and a Massachusetts doctor who pleaded with CVS to change its on hold jingle is getting his wish the drugstore chain says it's in the process of updating its voice. Response phone system, including the on hold music that the doctor so hated the child psychiatrist penned a tongue in cheek letter last year, saying the music haunted him day and night. The letter sparked a nationwide debate with some people praising Louis music and other sharing the man sentiments CBS did not clarify whether the company is replacing the tune or improving sound quality. You ever wonder what the meetings are like in which those music selections? Get approved..

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