House Judiciary Committee meets this morning on impeachment articles


And now to Capitol Hill the house Judiciary Committee meets this morning to resume discussing those two articles of impeachment again against president trump this after members debated all day and right through the evening and still didn't cross the finish line John Laurence reports after fourteen hours of debate house judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler calls a sudden timeout before taking final folks the committee is in recess G. O. P. ranking member Doug Collins immediately voiced his opposition you chose not to consult the ranking member on the schedule issue of this magnitude one major result of Nadler's last minute delay the votes weren't taken in the middle of the night Republicans say this move was a case of show boating Collins was less than pleased with that first time out that was the most lack of integrity thing I've ever seen by a member of especially a tear another result of Nadler's move no additional amendments can be offered which means no more debate Friday's vote is expected to go along party lines a full house vote on the articles is expected next week if president trump is impeached the matter then goes to the GOP led son John Lawrence reporting well there was a lot of drama before that happened as we hear from Linda canyon Michael is it a foregone conclusion the articles of impeachment or abuse of power and obstruction of Congress and the debate on those articles was contentious from the very start the top Republican on the committee Doug Collins raise the first objection this committee has now sounded the death of minority rights Democrat Jonah goose there's none of those objections have had anything to do with the actual charges against the president I've heard very little in the way of any substantive defenses the president's conduct I think it's obvious you know to all the American public that this is a real religion that's Wisconsin Republican Jim Sensenbrenner there was no impeachable offense here there are no crime here that is the defense Democrat Eric Swalwell how

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